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This is a question Strange things you've been paid to do

I once spent two years being paid by the UK government to play Quake.

What's the strangest thing you've been paid to do?

(, Thu 30 Sep 2004, 10:13)
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i was paid to
post 30,000 leaflets around torbay, in devon, and that i would get 50p for each phonecall the company received from the area of my leaflet posting. sorted i thought, and off on my bicycle. it took around a week to post them all, spending 12 hours a day bussing and cycling round the local town, and so when i finished, i was exhausted, yet proud, and excited at the fact i could, in theory make £15,000 woo yay.

i didnt receive a single penny from the conning twunts! just the £10 they initially paid me for me travel costs! you live and learn eh!
(, Thu 7 Oct 2004, 23:28, Reply)
Smoking and leering
I was a temp once. one odd job - I worked a day at Hermes Sweetners sending recipe cards to people who wrote in for them. That's right. thousands of people were two thick to realise you could take any recipe you liked and substitute the words "one Hermesetas tab" for "one teaspoon of sugar"

I also did a day temping at a company putting software into envelopes. So what? well these offices were above Elite Models in Covent Garden. I took an astonishing amount of cigarette breaks outside I can tell you.
(, Thu 7 Oct 2004, 20:46, Reply)
best job ever
my first ever job, was my best job. As a computing assistant my job description was basicly get paid £3.60 an hour to surf google for cool looking gadgets, show them to my boss who would buy them then get me to play around with them to see how the worked. In 6 months i had got to play with about 3 mobile phones an A0 size printer (yes they really do come that big) and a load of computer programs.

I also helped pick out paint samples for decorating the office!
(, Thu 7 Oct 2004, 16:24, Reply)
i'm currently being paid a healthy wage
to read b3ta's question of the week..
(, Thu 7 Oct 2004, 16:22, Reply)
Once whilst walking along the seafront...
...A male friend of mine paid me £5 to swap clothes with him!

He looked better in the chiffon dress than me... :'(
(, Thu 7 Oct 2004, 14:52, Reply)
Fudge Packer
Whilst studying for my A levels I worked evenings as a fudge packer.

Fortunately this was in a 'secondary chocolate packing factory'. The work was pretty varied and rewarding - put pre-packed chocolates into selection box, put selection box into bigger box, put bigger box on pallet. Repeat for 4 hours then go home.

Only highlight were the nightly cream egg fights. If people think the bruises you get when paintballing are bad... they are nothing compared to a cream egg bruise on your inner thigh.
(, Thu 7 Oct 2004, 14:38, Reply)
Car counting...
I spent all of November last year counting cars. You simply stood by the side of the road with a mechanical counter in each hand, trying not to freeze to death.

We worked in groups of three - One would handle cars and small lorries, the second would handle buses and large lorries, and the third person would be on a break. We switched once per hour or so, which was the one upside to the job - a third of the time you were on paid breaks.

The downside was that November in Sweden is hardly a good time to be standing by the side of the highway from 6 am to 1 pm.

It paid remarkably well though.
(, Wed 6 Oct 2004, 20:18, Reply)
Heh heh heh, he said "boner".
I've just got a job at a meat processing plant and I'm going to be paid to be a boner.
(, Wed 6 Oct 2004, 20:06, Reply)
in San Francisco when a man approached me and asked me to wollop him for 20 dollars. I hesitated, so he offered me some smoke to go with it. I agreed, we walked into an alley, i got paid,took a few puffs from a joint (while he explained that he wanted his girl to think drug dealers had beat him up when he went to score for her) and I hauled back and punched him pretty good.he staggered as his eye swole up but then asked if there was blood. nope. try again.
twenty more dollars. WHAMMO. he fell to his arse, and the blood came gushing.
it was rather funny to be thanked afterwards, but at least I had plenty of brew in the squat that night.
(, Wed 6 Oct 2004, 3:05, Reply)
Well it wasnt my job
But a friend of mine once got a summer job on a pig farm. His job was to masterbate the boars into test tubes. Sometimes he and the other bloke doing this job would get bored shitless and have sperm fights!
(, Wed 6 Oct 2004, 2:18, Reply)
I was once paid
to spend some time examining a finance company's customer & debts database, trying to prove some kind of rule along the lines of "most of our debt comes from unmarried 19-30 year old people, living in the North East, banking with either HSBC, Natwest or Abbey National" (as an example, they were much more specific than this).

Repeatedly I told them that they just didn't have the right kind of information (nor the depth) to statistically create such a "rule", but that didn't stop them paying me (and paying me quite well, too). Even when I presented them with a list of assumptions and "truths" that they couldn't possibly use because of their statistical invalidity, they were happy. They paid me. They thanked me. They were very happy. They were delighted when I told them they couldn't do what they wanted to do, that they were wasting their time and money trying to do this...

I never understood it. I often wondered if they were actually trying some kind of reverse-pyschology on me, or something.

Still, it directly paid for a holiday in Greece, where I drank beer with lots of skint 20-something single folk from the North. So what do I know?
(, Wed 6 Oct 2004, 0:24, Reply)
my first job involved...
cleaning a windmill (Greens Windmill in Nottingham if anyone cares).
If anyone has ever tried to clean a windmill they, like me, would of found it to be covered in half an inch of white powder (probably flour but who knows)... It took me all day to vac the 4 floors and you couldnt even tell I had done anything...
(, Tue 5 Oct 2004, 20:15, Reply)

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