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This is a question Top Tips

Got a great tip? Share it with us. You know, stuff like "Prevent sneezing by pressing you index finger firmly between your nose and your upper lip."

(, Wed 29 Nov 2006, 16:33)
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Want to navigate your way to the Talk board,
but can't be bothered to type it in the address bar of your browser and/or save it in your 'favourites'?

Simply click on the Calendar link at the top of your screen. There's a link the Talk board there that the mods haven't thought to remove, because they abandoned Calendar to the spambots years ago.
(, Thu 30 Dec 2021, 16:24, 6 replies, latest was 2 years ago)

(, Sat 1 Jan 2022, 18:22, Reply)
You're right, I should stop wasting people's time with nonsense on this crucial section of a thriving forum.

(, Sun 2 Jan 2022, 18:02, Reply)
more like
don't highlight things that could get taken away

edit: See?! Wanker.
(, Mon 3 Jan 2022, 23:45, Reply)
Ha, I can only imagine the self-congratulatory modwank that erupted from this.
That'll show those contributors to this puerile digital arts community!
(, Fri 7 Jan 2022, 22:40, Reply)
You fucking stupid fucking cunt

(, Sat 15 Jan 2022, 11:31, Reply)
Hey, at least I've proved that at least one of the mods is still alive.
Hi mod(s)!
(, Sun 16 Jan 2022, 18:13, Reply)

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