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This is a question My Wanking Disasters

Ever been caught by your mum? Or tried to fuck a pillow and got the spongey bits stuck to your bell-end creating a strange new flower? What about the time you man-milked the keyboard causing your PC to short-circuit and knocking out the mains for the whole street? Maybe you're a lady and you were using your mobile phone as a vibrator and accidentally dialed your mother? Tell us your stories and we'll tell the world.

(, Tue 1 Jun 2004, 17:23)
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a few years ago
my parents went away on holiday so, naturally, i organised a party round my house - 6 or 7 mates smoking crappily rolled joints, drinking Fosters and playing PS2 all night.
One lad, known as Dan, makes his excuses and goes upstairs to take a shit. 15 minutes later he's still up there and we're all waiting to see if he wants to join the Pro Evo tourny we were starting.
So, Bill runs upstairs and the bathroom is empty. Then he hears a shuffling noise - coming from my brothers bedroom.
Quiet as a mouse, and well aware of what Dan was up to, Bill sneaks up to the door and in one fluid motion both kicks the door open and shouts "GOTCHA YA DIRTY CUNT!".
According to Bill the look on Dan's face was priceless.
(, Tue 1 Jun 2004, 18:36, Reply)

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