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This is a question My Wanking Disasters

Ever been caught by your mum? Or tried to fuck a pillow and got the spongey bits stuck to your bell-end creating a strange new flower? What about the time you man-milked the keyboard causing your PC to short-circuit and knocking out the mains for the whole street? Maybe you're a lady and you were using your mobile phone as a vibrator and accidentally dialed your mother? Tell us your stories and we'll tell the world.

(, Tue 1 Jun 2004, 17:23)
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i was rather prolific with wanking in my youth.
i got caught more than once but i only found out the other year that my sister walked in on me thrapping away in front of an episode of 'voyage to the bottom of the sea'. not using it as stimulus, though. she proceeded to tell my mam and dad, mam being horrified, but my dad (who never talks about personal things) simply said 'leave the boy alone'. cheers dad.
i used to have to walk our 2 labradors for an hour a night after school, down the beach (fucking boring and cold). i used to wank in the sand dunes and in the little abandonded shelters. caught many times by passing strangers. perfected the art of wanking under my large coat.
i also successfully wanked under a kagool on a return coach trip from alton towers, and in classes numerous times at school. my record wank amount was roughly 20 times in one day. i sat in my bedroom one night and figured if i counted to 20 after spuffing, i could start again. so did. repeatedly. after this marathon session i returned to the lounge where my mam commented on me being flushed and if i was coming down with a virus (i acted ill to avoid suspicion). the 20 times day made my chap very sore indeed (it bled), but not to be put off, i simply lubed up with plenty of spittle and wanked through the pain.
in later life i had a wank while driving down the M74 out of boredom (its usually quiet so you can get away with it).
sorry for length, but i love wanking me.
(, Wed 2 Jun 2004, 12:59, Reply)

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