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This is a question Worst Nicknames Ever

Everyone wants a cool nickname like "Ace", "Boss", or "Iron". Kids being kids, that's not what we get - the kid with polio gets called Johnny Spazm, your Ginger Fuhrer was called Rob Man-you-smell and your question master was "Tommy" Trinder despite him being dead for years.

Tell us the worst you've heard and the stories behind them.

(, Thu 18 May 2006, 15:45)
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No real reason for either...
I went to school with a boy named Dale. We all called him Dale-do. I never did get around to asking him what size batteries he needed, though he probably wouldn't've appreciated it.

Also went to school with Mary Coomer. Called her Hairy Cooter. One band director used the name once, unknowing of it's meaning.
(, Thu 18 May 2006, 20:00, Reply)

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