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This is a question Worst Record Ever

What's your worst record ever? And why? Most amusing reasons and tracks will be played on Friday's B3ta Radio Show.

(, Tue 2 Dec 2003, 17:26)
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Run your fingernails down a chalkboard.... good.... now pull them all off.
Having just been let go from a job where I was forced to endure eight hours of 'contemporary adult' radio every work day for the last fifteen months, I have managed to build up a terrifyingly high tolerance to crap music. Were I to become a superhero, I know without hesitation that this would be my superpower.

My kryptonite is Katrina and the Waves, "Walking On Sunshine". It's so damn perky it makes me want to vomit. Blood. And possibly some entrails too. And without fail some clueless dj will play it at a club because it was included on the 'best of the 80s' comp cd he bought last week. It makes me think of makeover montages in movies, training montages in movies, and dating-and-falling-in-love montages in movies. It makes me think of Jennifer Aniston and Tom Hanks. Possibly having sex. Who knows. I'm too busy vomiting blood and entrails to notice. God how I hate that song.
(, Tue 2 Dec 2003, 19:38, Reply)

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