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This is a question Worst Record Ever

What's your worst record ever? And why? Most amusing reasons and tracks will be played on Friday's B3ta Radio Show.

(, Tue 2 Dec 2003, 17:26)
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Slade - Merry Christmas
Christmas is complete HELL for me. This gets played over and over in every bloody shop across the country. 3 things accompany the playing of this song for me:
1) involuntary muscle spasms
2)immediate uncontrolled grinding of the teeth
3)a total mental and aural shutdown.
Remember the bit in Scanners - that look on their faces just before their head goes bang? I go like that.
I wish Slade a horrible and timely death involving rusty spoons and possibly ferrets.

This is the major reason for embracing Internet shopping at this time of year - saviour from the Slade and all the screaming children. God bless the Net.
(, Wed 3 Dec 2003, 9:23, Reply)

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