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This is a question Worst Record Ever

What's your worst record ever? And why? Most amusing reasons and tracks will be played on Friday's B3ta Radio Show.

(, Tue 2 Dec 2003, 17:26)
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The worst CD in my house...
is the moulin rouge soundtrack, its not mine but my sister's, and its burning a hole in the CD rack with its high energy ultrabrown radiation.
Baz Luhrmann is a total fucking hack to put it nicely. The M.R. soundtrack was the poison cherry on the racid cream covering the vom and shite cake that was moulin rouge the movie. To explain everthing that was crap about that movie would require at least 13.2 billion years. God it almost makes me ashamed that come from the same country as Baz. I notice that quite a few songs metioned here are crammed into that one diabolical medly where they're singing on that elephant thingy...oh if only my brain would be kind enough to let repress all memory of that movie. On the upside at least nicole kidman is attractive.
(, Wed 3 Dec 2003, 15:07, Reply)

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