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[challenge entry] Linking Steve with his products No.94

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(, Thu 6 Oct 2011, 11:49, archived)
# pffft
(, Thu 6 Oct 2011, 11:54, archived)
# awaits sJobs 2.0
(, Thu 6 Oct 2011, 11:54, archived)
# RoboJobs
part man
part machine
all jobs.

*fires up photoshop*
(, Thu 6 Oct 2011, 12:00, archived)
(, Thu 6 Oct 2011, 12:11, archived)
# You'll be dissapointed
there will be much hype and they'll release an iJobs S
(, Thu 6 Oct 2011, 12:01, archived)
# oooof
(, Thu 6 Oct 2011, 11:55, archived)
# badum-tish
(, Thu 6 Oct 2011, 11:55, archived)
# Arf!
you can open them up and change things, but you just need work slowly and remember what screws go where or you're fucked.

i think we should look at the good steve did for apple when he came back as CEO, before hand apple was floundering, when he cam back and introduces the clamshell ibook and the colour imac people sat up and took notice of apple again, and he build the most splendid walled garden of apple products.

Also remember that without steve Pixar wouldn't exist, so some of your most loved animated characters simply wouldn't exist.

i'm not a fanboy of apple products, but i admire mr jobs single mindedness and commitment.
(, Thu 6 Oct 2011, 11:59, archived)
# maybe it would have
with someone else

just sayin dunt meen nuttin by it just sayin.
(, Thu 6 Oct 2011, 12:03, archived)
# agreed,
doesn't make it any less evil though
(, Thu 6 Oct 2011, 12:04, archived)
# How's being good for Apple shareholders anything to be admired?
He was good for business and that's all -- as far as technology goes he was just another litigation-prone, dumbing-down setback.

Posted from my laptop, which cost less than an iPhad and does more.
(, Thu 6 Oct 2011, 20:53, archived)
# I don't believe this conversation actually happened.
The doctor in the last frame miraculously has a stethoscope, and he has got really old. I imagine some sort of internet trickery for comedic value is behind this.

This is a lie.

Why would you lie to us?

Filthy liar.
(, Thu 6 Oct 2011, 13:25, archived)
and a tie
(, Fri 7 Oct 2011, 12:51, archived)
# I seriously doubt
that he was under warranty.
(, Fri 7 Oct 2011, 10:32, archived)
# Brilliant
Two of my pet hates nicely rolled into one.
Congrats on the front page.
(, Wed 12 Oct 2011, 15:54, archived)