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[challenge entry] *clears throat*
Ladies and gennulmen, I give you... Skullfunk, live!!!

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(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 18:58, archived)
# Rock and/or Roll \m/
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 19:02, archived)
# \m/ (-_-) \m/
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 19:06, archived)
# :) i like the song that autoplays on your website...the dude's voice reminds me of someone, but i can't figure out who...
minor threadjack: i've just discovered that some idiot UKIP blog is using my jollygood picture (see profile) on their site...what should i do?
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 19:13, archived)
# If it is hot linked change the image to some thing deeply offensive
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 19:17, archived)
# *likes this suggestion*
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 19:18, archived)
# goatse, with ukip on the ring.
The ring on the finger....
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 19:21, archived)
# yea it's not unfortunately - that would have been my first choice though :)
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 19:25, archived)
# How about writing to them say..
as a immigrant jobless African fraudster living off the State, that you are really chuffed they're using your image
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 19:53, archived)
# hahaha nice
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 19:56, archived)
# Thanx dude :)
Not sure what to suggest about the UKIP issue though :/
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 19:18, archived)
# no worries! cool tunes...
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 19:55, archived)
# write a very stern email
Telling them not to be thieving cunts.
And to not be cunts
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 19:19, archived)
# hmm, i was thinking of doing this, but technically the original photo of the hollywood sign isn't mine
i'm not really sure how the whole thing works...
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 19:27, archived)
# Doesn't matter - that's for the original copyright holder to take up, not them.
Send them an invoice for 2,500 quid, stating that if they continue to display the image, they are agreeing to be bound by your terms of use. They'll take it down fast enough. If not, you have 2,500 quid to build and aggressively market
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 19:54, archived)
# Ukipare?
Is that something dirty from Japan?
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 21:22, archived)
# You might...
... be able to e-mail them, explaining you created the original on x day, y month etc. and you they didn't ask your permission to use your image, so would they please take it down?
I don't know if you registered your image as copyrighted or if B3ta claims things displayed on their pages come under their copyright as that would give you a lot more clout and you could sue them.
Failing that, make your own blog(s), writing about what a huge bag of dicks they are for not crediting your work.
In the future, I'd watermark or integrate your name/ID into the image at in the bottom corner or something.
What's the blog it's posted on (or address)?
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 19:33, archived)
# I found it

If you want we could all e-mail them telling them their twunts?
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 19:35, archived)
# In fact,
There's a linky for comments and for twitter. What better way to out a thieving cunt?
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 19:39, archived)
# :) nice idea
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 19:42, archived)
# I tried...
You can't login on the comments and there's no direct comment on twitter, only to send the link to friends. I have, but I'm relatively new on twitter, so I doubt I have many followers. the hubby has a facebook account though, so I'll see if I can do any damage with that and (separately) contact the blog administrator
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 19:56, archived)
# I've emailed
the sites admin, so we'll see what happens. I'll see what else I can kick up.
I know, I have no life.
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 20:00, archived)
# hehe cheers
probably not gonna do much but thanks anyway
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 20:04, archived)
# Copyright comes into existence the moment the work does.
Unless it was made under contract, the copyright automatically belongs to the creator of the work. Gets murkier if you've used an image without permission, but I hear that might be easier soon as there's talk of allowing people to use images without permission in the case of parody.
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 19:57, archived)
# You could also try complaining to blogspot
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 19:45, archived)
# Threaten a DCMA takedown?
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 19:58, archived)
# I did think of that
but I don't like the idea of turning to the dark side.
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 20:00, archived)
# haha i really don't care enough about it to do that
although sending a DCMA takedown to a bunch of UKIP wankers who want us to sever ties with the EU and move into the mid-Atlantic would be nicely ironic...
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 20:03, archived)
# I've emailed
the website admin, but it's bounced back and you can't comment on their page as you can't sign up. Fuck it send them the DCMA. We tried being nice - they're just being pricks now.
To think I had a little bit of sympathy with them (stupid, I know).
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 20:06, archived)
# heh, no worries, probably not worth the effort really just to get one photo taken down
meh, i might try and send them an email in a few days if i still care about it then...
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 20:08, archived)
# I know
I just don't like thieves and people who get away with it even less >_<
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 20:10, archived)
# woo dad!!
Now do yellow submarine
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 19:14, archived)
# Hahaha :)
Alright sunshine?

Have you seen my other guitar?
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 19:16, archived)
# *drops to knees and goes blind*
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 19:17, archived)
# *pops in new eyes made of pickled onions*
There you go, son. Lovely new eyes. Delicious, crunchy eyes...
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 19:19, archived)
# *eats*
Gissa kiss...
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 19:20, archived)
# Son, don't do that!
Apple will sue you... O_o

(eye-breath, geddit?)
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 19:21, archived)
# oh dad...

(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 19:22, archived)
# Likes \m/
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 19:24, archived)
# Yay great tune,call me thick but I can't find the bit of your site with your forthcomin gigs?
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 19:27, archived)
# That's because we haven't got any at the moment :/
We played in Bradford last weekend, but while I'm working away things are a bit quiet, gig-wise...
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 20:13, archived)
# Ah right!
I wanted to drop into one of your Notts gigs once, But only remembered it 2 days after it had happened! One day I'll catch you:-)
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 21:23, archived)
# That'll be cool :)
Hit me up on facebook if you're on there, and I'll make sure I let you know when we're playing
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 21:47, archived)
# WoopWoop!

(, Wed 13 Feb 2013, 11:29, archived)