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[challenge entry] Killing me won't bring your bendy bananas back!

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(, Mon 18 Mar 2019, 13:15, archived)
[challenge entry]
(, Mon 18 Mar 2019, 13:19, archived)
# Is that Pantone Trump Orange?
(, Mon 18 Mar 2019, 13:45, archived)
# tl;dr
(, Mon 18 Mar 2019, 15:04, archived)
# This is great.
(, Mon 18 Mar 2019, 16:43, archived)
# I'm looking forward
to voting for him again. First to press upon GOPe they must go where Whigs went. And secondarily to allow American voters with your sentiment to choose top to bottom corruption, choose being spoon-fed by American version of Itar-Tass, choose sharia, choose arrogance, choose elitism, choose being ruled, choose constant frontal attacks on American Bill of Rights, choose widespread voter fraud, choose voter harvesting, choose disintegration of Electoral College, choose de-platforming of opposing views, choose elimination of freedom of speech, choose anti-Americanism, choose foreign interference in American elections, choose money in politics, choose socialism without even knowing what it means, choose elimination of freedoms, choose bigger government in all areas of life, choose mischaracterization of everything important including border emergency, choose psychological projection, choose inventing racism where it doesn't exist, choose constant false flag operations, choose false reporting of EVERYTHING, choose celebrity opinion, choose weaponization of government departments against political opponents, choose not accepting the results of elections, choose being associated with dipshits like Maxine Waters, Krysten Sinema, Alexandria Cortez, Barbara Boxer, Alan Grayson, Rashida Talib, Ilhan Omar, choose antisemitism, choose acting out like fucking noisy little babies, choose being wrong about everything, choose writing snotty ignorant ass-wipe posts on foreign satire sites, choose being a miserable little prick.

And when his second term is done, we'll be looking for another to finish the job of finishing GOPe so that conservative voters finally have some representation.
(, Tue 19 Mar 2019, 1:56, archived)
# How many guns you got?
(, Tue 19 Mar 2019, 5:07, archived)
# Party at mine on Friday. Let me know if you can make it.
(, Tue 19 Mar 2019, 9:13, archived)
# Awfully sensitive little flowers you Trump supporters, aren't you?
(, Tue 19 Mar 2019, 10:00, archived)
# tl;dr.....does this involve free biscuits by any chance?.... :/
(, Tue 19 Mar 2019, 10:49, archived)
# "choose psychological projection"
I'll make a note of that, thanks.
(, Tue 19 Mar 2019, 14:35, archived)
# for kombu dashi
Choose bullshit, choose elitism, choose GOP arrogance, choose lie after lie because you don't understand WTF is happening but you just know it's different than what you want, choose stupidity, choose sucking the dicks of the rich while pissing on the poor.
(, Tue 19 Mar 2019, 21:30, archived)
# Awesomeness.
(, Mon 18 Mar 2019, 13:28, archived)
# YES.
(, Mon 18 Mar 2019, 14:35, archived)
# Do we get a referendum on who gets to go in there?
(, Mon 18 Mar 2019, 15:05, archived)
# :)
(, Mon 18 Mar 2019, 23:37, archived)