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This is a question Redundant technology

Music on vinyl records, mobile phones the size of house bricks and pornography printed on paper. What hideously out of date stuff do you still use?

Thanks to boozehound for the suggestion

(, Thu 4 Nov 2010, 12:44)
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I read this QOTW and people raving about safety razors and proper cut throats. I bought a disposable blade cut-throat from eBay (only £8) and am bidding on a proper strop and solid blade one atm.

I have just had my 1st shave using it. Fair enough, it has just taken 20 minutes to do a job that normally takes 4 but it was cracking "me" time. Used a brush and soap, one small nick near the sideburn and a very nice finish although the point of the chin did prove tricky, especially with a couple of days growth.. (also, corners of mouth and top lip were a bit awkward)

Took me 10 mins to realise the blade has to be cut in half 1st, then 5 mins to build up the nerve and make the first "stroke"..

Thank you B3ta.
(, Wed 10 Nov 2010, 18:33, 9 replies)
I think you may have a "safety razor".
I'm not sure how you'd make a disposable-blade cutthroat or how, or why, you would snap the blade in half.
(, Wed 10 Nov 2010, 18:37, closed)

The rectangular razor blade is cut in half and then place in a frame, which slots inside the razor.

(, Wed 10 Nov 2010, 18:45, closed)
I looked at those
but settled on a fixed blade one. I found the point of the chin awkward, and the whiskers on the top lip seemed to need a good bit more soaking.
The full ceremony takes me about 20 mins too. During the last shave I had on Monday I got the angle to steep and actually planed off a small slice of my cheek. By the time I'd stemmed the bleeding, the bathroom looked like a halal slaughterhouse.
It does take more concentration than just using a Mach 3 etc.
(, Wed 10 Nov 2010, 19:31, closed)
"I got the angle to steep and actually planed off a small slice of my cheek"
This sentence has guaranteed I will never change from disposable safety razors.

(, Thu 11 Nov 2010, 2:47, closed)
This is exactly the same as Fight Club
QOTWers will be able spot each other out and about due to the missing chin parts.
(, Wed 10 Nov 2010, 18:58, closed)
You don't talk about shave club.

(, Wed 10 Nov 2010, 19:31, closed)
Because you've sliced your lips off

(, Thu 11 Nov 2010, 1:39, closed)
Or given yourself a Govan Smile.
Joker Smile for the non-Scots.
(, Thu 11 Nov 2010, 11:14, closed)
I think you'll find it's a Chelsea Smile.

(, Thu 11 Nov 2010, 11:37, closed)

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