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This is a question Bizarre leaps of logic

Amorous Badger says: "I once humorously suggested that someone had been internet-stalking a Big Brother contestant. They concluded that I was threatening them. What's the oddest misunderstanding you've been involved in?"

(, Thu 12 Dec 2013, 13:48)
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I once saw a man go into a shop to buy four candles

(, Fri 13 Dec 2013, 10:17, 11 replies)
To be fair,
I always assumed Corbett's character was mentally ill.

He wanted the handle for a gardening implement, an insulated electrical plug, tinned vegetables, a solitary letter for a sign, and a pair of gym shoes.
What kind of fucked up shopping list IS that?
(, Fri 13 Dec 2013, 10:22, closed)
Barker was shopping, Corbett was the shopkeep.

(, Fri 13 Dec 2013, 10:46, closed)
Yep, quite right...
Slip of the mind. Regardless, the customer was quite clearly insane.
(, Fri 13 Dec 2013, 11:47, closed)
There's a shop called four candles in Talgarth, Brecon

(, Fri 13 Dec 2013, 10:30, closed)
There was one in Maidstone, for a short while.

(, Fri 13 Dec 2013, 10:56, closed)
One day someone came in and bought all four, they had to close after that :(

(, Fri 13 Dec 2013, 11:08, closed)
A wetherspoons in Oxford:

(, Fri 13 Dec 2013, 11:49, closed)
we need to do this
Get together, open another pub in Oxford, call it The Fork Handles

Taxi drivers would love us for it
(, Sat 14 Dec 2013, 21:49, closed)
This to win
And we could employ David Jason to fall through the bar.
(, Mon 16 Dec 2013, 14:46, closed)
There's a guy works down the chip shop swears at anyone who comes in asking for battered Elvis.

(, Fri 13 Dec 2013, 11:08, closed)

What? Candles for forks?
(, Sat 14 Dec 2013, 14:13, closed)

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