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This is a question Why will you burn in hell?

Repent ye sinners - Tell us about a dreadful thing you've done that means you'll burn in hell.

(, Thu 12 Jul 2012, 14:02)
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Because I...
Along with the rest of you, were here when QotW died. We are simply contributing towards killing it, and it's impending doom.

I honestly can't see a way back now? Can you?

It may not be right, it may not be justified, but would the last person to leave please turn the light off before they go?
(, Wed 18 Jul 2012, 23:35, 10 replies)
I didn't really click, that was just the sound of the light going off
(, Thu 19 Jul 2012, 1:59, closed)
Surely it died the instant the radio show stopped and removed its entire reason for existence.
The subsequent years have been like watching slugs clamber over one another to be at the top of the bucket.
(, Thu 19 Jul 2012, 7:50, closed)
Showing your age there, Doc S.

(, Thu 19 Jul 2012, 8:45, closed)
Was this because of Shed?
Only I missed that.
(, Thu 19 Jul 2012, 8:12, closed)
The only thing wrong with QOTW, compared to the "glory days",
...is that whoever picks the topics appears to have not read the requirements:

* interesting to read, i.e. we won't get bored of reading the answers after about 10 of them
* not been asked on this site before
* fun to answer

Recently it's been no, no and no.

I mean, recipes? Really? That was even less interesting than anything Rory ever wrote.

What we want is questions that generate stories, anecdotes, outrageous lies and toe-curlingly extended shaggy dog tales.
(, Thu 19 Jul 2012, 9:06, closed)
Fire away then
(, Thu 19 Jul 2012, 9:28, closed)
Well, just off the top of my head

"The worst day I ever had"

I'd particularly look forward to pooflake's contribution to that one...
(, Thu 19 Jul 2012, 9:59, closed)
^^ This
lets bring some entertainment back.
(, Thu 19 Jul 2012, 11:35, closed)
your all dicks

(, Thu 19 Jul 2012, 11:55, closed)
I'd like to see more posts
by Frank Snow.
(, Thu 19 Jul 2012, 12:00, closed)

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