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This is a question Annoying words and phrases

Marketing bollocks, buzzword bingo, or your mum saying "fudge" when she really wants to swear like a trooper. Let's ride the hockey stick curve of this top hat product, solutioneers.

Thanks to simbosan for the idea

(, Thu 8 Apr 2010, 12:13)
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It doesn't bother me when people adapt words or use colloquialisms because my understanding is that language is fluid anyway. Hyperbole makes me smile. But what really does annoy me is the use of irritating words and phrases which are supposed to sound a bit zany or cool and end up seeming to be used by pretty much everyone.

Obvious recent ones have been 'nom nom nom' and 'made of win', but 'meep', 'poop' and 'sarnie' are also up there.

Similarly - personal buzzwords that certain people say all the time to sound zany.

They just make me cringe.

Edit: I forgot NUMPTY
(, Thu 15 Apr 2010, 8:51, 15 replies)
Sarnie is horrible
but there is a special place reserved in hell for those who refer to it as a 'sangwich'.
(, Thu 15 Apr 2010, 8:53, closed)
I can tolerate "sarnie"
But I loathe "sammich".
(, Thu 15 Apr 2010, 8:55, closed)
Sammich is different
it's merely shorthand for 'I am expressing a strong desire to be beaten to within an inch of my life at the earliest available opportunity'.

The most offensive thing about it is that it only takes *one more letter* in order not to look like a complete fucking tool.

(, Thu 15 Apr 2010, 9:11, closed)
Good lord
People write this stuff down? I assumed that 'sammich' was the result of a speech impediment
(, Thu 15 Apr 2010, 9:18, closed)
After a few righteously-administered corrective punches to the mouth
it is. But horrifically, it frequently doesn't start that way.
(, Thu 15 Apr 2010, 9:22, closed)

(, Thu 15 Apr 2010, 9:48, closed)
Cheer up, it's nearly Chrimbo.

(, Thu 15 Apr 2010, 8:55, closed)
It's only April, you numpty

(, Thu 15 Apr 2010, 9:02, closed)
I know you doofus, I was being sarconic.

(, Thu 15 Apr 2010, 9:05, closed)
I think you'll find that the correct word is 'ironastic'

(, Thu 15 Apr 2010, 9:06, closed)
I wouldn't know, I don't do the laundry.

(, Thu 15 Apr 2010, 9:09, closed)

(, Thu 15 Apr 2010, 12:02, closed)
I love the alleged etymology of numpty.
A contraction of he or she being an Humpty Dumpty ie cracked.
(, Thu 15 Apr 2010, 9:31, closed)
numpty's a great word
it was our special word for awkward clients when I worked in IT
(, Thu 15 Apr 2010, 10:41, closed)

It just makes me think of straight guys in their early 20s who live with their Mum and think they're wacky because they like Disney movies
(, Thu 15 Apr 2010, 11:51, closed)
Numpty is a brilliant word
It's almost onomatopoeic - you can imagine it as the noise made by them as they lollop aimlessly around.
(, Thu 15 Apr 2010, 12:18, closed)

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