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This is a question Complaining

I like writing letters of complaint to companies containing the words "premier league muppetry", if only to give the poor office workers a good laugh on an otherwise dull day. Have you ever complained? Did it work?

(, Thu 2 Sep 2010, 13:16)
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The tale of the cornflake
Many years ago, my Aunt had a friend who was a serial complainer\consumer terrorist.
She used to fire letters of complaint off to all manner of unsuspecting companies regarding their shoddy wares or in this case, food. The usual response was a fistful of money off vouchers or a cheque from the unsuspecting compant to calm the rabid bitch's fevered brow.
Anyway, one day, Kelloggs appeared on her radar because they'd committed the heinous crime of palming a large box of cornflakes off on the unsuspecting masses (in this case her) with a burnt cornflake in it.
The sternly worded letter of complaint was duly wriiten and despatched post haste to those fine people at Kelloggs. She really went to town on them over how outrageous it was that such a fine upstanding company should be peddling this sub standard filth on the general public and what were they going to do about it regarding compensating her for this impurity in her breakfast cereal.

Their response?

A "With Complements" slip with a single replacement cornflake taped to the top right hand corner...
(, Thu 2 Sep 2010, 13:46, 9 replies)
for the best of page at least, if not the top 3
(, Thu 2 Sep 2010, 14:03, closed)
are heroes!
(, Thu 2 Sep 2010, 14:22, closed)

(, Thu 2 Sep 2010, 15:13, closed)
Reminds of a tale my Dad told me. In the '60s he served in Aden during the Aden Emergency. He spoke to an SAS chappy who had been on operations i.e. living rough, for the best part of a month, and had returned sporting a splendid beard. SAS chap had said that he felt much better having had a shave, so much so that he wrote a letter to Gillette congratulating them on the quality of their product and remarked that one blade had lasted him an entire month.

He received a reply a while later thanking him for his letter and kind words, and as a gesture of goodwill, enclosed a month's supply of razor blade.

Seems a lot of these big companies have lost their sense of humour nowadays!
(, Thu 2 Sep 2010, 15:13, closed)

Click for "month's supply of razor blade"

(Click for the OP too!)
(, Thu 2 Sep 2010, 17:05, closed)
means a click from me...
(, Thu 2 Sep 2010, 16:30, closed)
whoever works in kellog's clearly has a sense of humour!
whoever works in the kellog's factory down the road from my house needs to do something about the smell.
(, Thu 2 Sep 2010, 18:43, closed)
This is a better advert for Kelloggs than anything that they've ever paid for.

(, Fri 3 Sep 2010, 3:09, closed)
This is
bloody brilliant. I kind of want to find a burnt cornflake now, just to do this and have a laugh to myself when I get this reply!
(, Mon 6 Sep 2010, 13:10, closed)

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