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This is a question First World Problems

Onemunki says: We live in a world of genuine tragedy, starvation and terror. So, after hearing stories of cruise line passengers complaining at the air conditioning breaking down, what stories of sheer single-minded self-pity get your goat?

(, Thu 1 Mar 2012, 12:00)
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Have you seen what Michael Bay did to Transformers?
Have you? He might as well have just raped my childhood!
(, Tue 6 Mar 2012, 9:50, 17 replies)
Oh you pisser of minds.

(, Tue 6 Mar 2012, 9:51, closed)

Transformers everything he ever touched
(, Tue 6 Mar 2012, 9:52, closed)

(, Tue 6 Mar 2012, 10:05, closed)
Controversial stuff!
I'm looking forward to complaining about the Thundercats movie whenever that gets made.
(, Tue 6 Mar 2012, 11:06, closed)
Have you seen the new cartoon?
Very wrong.
(, Tue 6 Mar 2012, 12:04, closed)
Fucking furries.

(, Tue 6 Mar 2012, 13:19, closed)
^^^ THIS
I mean, come on, there's genuine tragedy, starvation and terror in the world!
(, Tue 6 Mar 2012, 12:08, closed)
There's no need to bring up Revenge of the Fallen

(, Tue 6 Mar 2012, 13:35, closed)
I thought he was talking about Megan Fox.

(, Tue 6 Mar 2012, 15:54, closed)
Rory Lyon; missing the point since 2008.

(, Tue 6 Mar 2012, 15:47, closed)
shit cartoon and the films are a jingoistic advert for the American military
(, Tue 6 Mar 2012, 11:32, closed)
Join the US Army, and you too can be speared through the chest by an angry alien robot!
Where do I sign up?
(, Tue 6 Mar 2012, 12:06, closed)
It's fun spotting the difference between the people who know you are joking
and those who are taking you at face value.
(, Tue 6 Mar 2012, 11:35, closed)
are you kidding?
When Optimus first speaks in the first one and introduces himself to whoisit, i had a massive childhood flash back to summer holidays, my red Rayleigh Burner and Missile Command on the teak finsihed Atari 2600. I may have cried in the Odeon. I'm 38 this year.

IT'S THE ORIGNAL DUDE FFS. That alone, makes them all worth while.
(, Tue 6 Mar 2012, 15:39, closed)
(, Tue 6 Mar 2012, 17:19, closed)
It had leather pads...
but no mag wheels, like my mates over the road but his was the blue & yellow one - but his got nicked..

and it weighted a ton and I broke my face trying to jump the 'whoops' at my local BMX track

leave my speeling alone
(, Wed 7 Mar 2012, 10:56, closed)
Watching it at the cinema,
I actually got bored during the final battle. It really is quite shit (unless you're watching in the company of a small child, in which case it is infectiously exciting).
(, Tue 6 Mar 2012, 19:35, closed)

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