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This is a question B3TA fixes the world

Moon Monkey says: Turn into Jeremy Clarkson for a moment, and tell us about the things that are so obviously wrong with the world, and how they should be fixed. Extra points for ludicrous over-simplification, blatant mis-representation, and humourous knob-gags.

(, Thu 22 Sep 2011, 12:53)
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People to stop referring to 9/11 as "the worst terrorist attack in history"
when quite frankly that's a blatant lie. The point of terrorism is to terrorise and emotionally destroy the targets. As far as achieving the objective goes, these boys did their homework. If Family Fortunes asked 100 people to name a terrorist attack then you'd have to think 9/11 would be the top answer.

Henceforth, it should be called "the best terrorist attack in history."
(, Wed 28 Sep 2011, 12:11, 3 replies)
Hahahaha - like that letter in Viz:
"I don't see why the First World War is referred to as 'The Great War', when World War II, with it's far higher death toll and use of nuclear weapons, was clearly far better."
(, Wed 28 Sep 2011, 12:57, closed)
And let's face it, regardless of which side of the line you stand on you have to admit it was pretty spectacular!

(, Wed 28 Sep 2011, 16:10, closed)
(, Wed 28 Sep 2011, 19:12, closed)

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