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This is a question Get Rich Quick

Jabboy contacted us because he's skint. So what have you done to make money fast? Did you actually make anything, or were you just ripped off by someone who really was getting rich quick? Did you have to sell your soul?

PS. Jabboy is available for rent on 0870 88673242

(, Thu 31 Jul 2008, 16:57)
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I am zimbabwean bank manager
and i for you have 100million zimbabwean dollars!
congratulations lucky person
for you to must have first you send me your bank details, address, sort code, phonebill, picture of your mother* and £200 english pounds to cover transfer costs yeeeeees?
It for good time for you to have!

*I masterbation require to have
(, Thu 31 Jul 2008, 17:19, 6 replies)
v funny!
(, Thu 31 Jul 2008, 17:23, closed)
Isn't the Zimbabwean Dollar running at $37 billion to the British pound now-a-days?

Where do I sign up?! :D
(, Thu 31 Jul 2008, 19:28, closed)
I knew that was a scam, but www.xe.com says 100,000,000 Zimbabwean dollars = 0.27 pence and falling as I refresh the page!
(, Thu 31 Jul 2008, 19:29, closed)
buy $200bn zimbabwe dollars now....
....wait many years for economy to recover
....profit :)
(, Thu 31 Jul 2008, 21:39, closed)
seling ...
zimbabwean dollar bills on ebay as a novelty would be a money spinner..

....and a quick check shows that 100billion ZD is going for about 30quid!
(, Sat 2 Aug 2008, 19:45, closed)
Go on, I dare ya!*

*has checked XE.com and noticed the Zimbabwean dollar has been redefined as of the day before you posted**

**probably best to not do it, actually. Unless you've got a load of old zimbabwean notes.
(, Wed 6 Aug 2008, 18:03, closed)

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