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This is a question Little Victories

I recently received a £2 voucher from a supermarket after complaining vociferously about the poor quality of their own-brand Rich Tea biscuits, which I spent on more tasty, tasty biscuits. Tell us about your trivial victories that have made life a tiny bit better.

(, Thu 10 Feb 2011, 12:07)
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A little victory for the Polo company.
A while ago, the people who make Polo mints brought out a promotional product called "Polo Holes", the idea being that these small mints were the bits that were stamped out of the middle.
As a schoolboy at the time, I was tasked for english homework to write a letter of complaint. I chose to complain about polo holes as the definition of a hole is a cavity; nothingness so by that measure the packet should be empty. How disappointed I was to find these white things in the packet. I promised not to take the case to trading standards if they sent me a years supply. Genius. Well written letter, no harm done. Except teacher decided to mail it.

Several days pass and I receive an unexpected parcel at home. Inside was a wholesale packet of polo tubes with one noticable difference:
All the packets were empty. Yes, EMPTY! The gist of the enclosed letter basically said: Sorry for your disappointment, we'd hate to fall below your expectations again, so we've enclosed a sizeable supply of your definition of "holes". Dont eat them all at once!
(, Tue 15 Feb 2011, 18:18, 19 replies)
Stop the QOTW
This is the winner
(, Tue 15 Feb 2011, 18:19, closed)
I second this !

(, Tue 15 Feb 2011, 20:00, closed)
I'm thirding this, I think it should win!
(, Wed 16 Feb 2011, 12:07, closed)
cheers guys
If i'd've known that in 10 years time i'd be talking about it, i would've kept the letter. As it goes, my mum has just heard back from Swizzels Matlow after she kicked off about a variety back that didn't contain any refreshers bars so much for variety. Despite being sent a load of them for free, alas the letter wasn't very inventive, containing just an apology and an explanation about high speed production runs. Yawn.
(, Wed 16 Feb 2011, 13:26, closed)
Oh, dear lord I can't click 'I like this' hard enough.
Win win win. The very tiniest of victories for both you and Polo people.
(, Tue 15 Feb 2011, 18:21, closed)

(, Tue 15 Feb 2011, 18:21, closed)
Does Esther Rantzen know?
(, Tue 15 Feb 2011, 18:22, closed)
the best thing about this
is knowing that someone working for Polo has one hell of a sense of humour!
(, Tue 15 Feb 2011, 18:24, closed)
You are winnar!
(, Tue 15 Feb 2011, 18:26, closed)
This better be true, consarn-it!
If not I just clicked "I like it" on a made-up story, and they never happen here.
(, Tue 15 Feb 2011, 18:33, closed)
I really hope this is true!
(, Tue 15 Feb 2011, 18:34, closed)
Oh yes, true.
Though not as good as my mum, have a roast:
Back when "pay as you go" mobile phones had just been invented......
BT Cellnet ran an advert demonstrating the concept of PAYG featuring a (photoshopped) picture of a mobile phone with a coin slot in the ear piece. My mum wrote off to them and enquired about the procedure for the phone company rep to empty the phone of coins. She said she used to go out a lot as she was a carer and was never in at a fixed time, but she didn't want the phone getting too heavy when being filled up with coins for days on end as she wouldn't then be able to carry it comfortably. ould she be able to meet the guy in the street?

They wrote back and put her straight on the concept, and to prove it, they sent her a free phone and several top-ups. This was when they were retailing for several hundered pounds for even the basic models. She still has the same account, although like trigger, the handset and dialling code has changed several times!

Sometimes being naïve really pays off!
(, Tue 15 Feb 2011, 18:39, closed)
Clicked, hard.
(, Tue 15 Feb 2011, 19:43, closed)
That's great
(, Tue 15 Feb 2011, 20:33, closed)

(, Tue 15 Feb 2011, 20:53, closed)
This is better than the cornflake story.

(, Wed 16 Feb 2011, 10:50, closed)
(, Wed 16 Feb 2011, 15:35, closed)
Arf! Actually wonderful
I bet the people at Polo were pissing themselves when they mailed it out too. Jollity for all! :)
(, Wed 16 Feb 2011, 18:24, closed)

i was once a bit poor (4 pound to my name) and sold 3 of these polo holes to an idiot I worked with claiming them to be awesome massive drug pills.

It was an extremely little victory as when I handed them over he just said 'aren't they just them polo holes things' and made me give him his money back
(, Thu 17 Feb 2011, 8:01, closed)

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