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This is a question Lost...

Trying to impress a new girlfriend, I 'borrowed' my mother's car. Dropping her off in London, I managed to lose the car keys between locking it and reaching the other side of the road. Utter humiliation followed as my mum took the train to London with the spare key...

What have you lost over the years?

(, Fri 3 Dec 2004, 8:01)
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An entire...
...drum set. This was, indeed, in the mid 80's. Much beer & substances were involved, and had been continually for many years. At any rate, since I have very few memories of, well, 1980 - 1987, I can't quite recall where I left them. The building we once rehearsed in is long gone, as are the band members. Most conspicuous to me, of course, is that the drums are gone.

I haven't had a drink since 1987...
(, Fri 3 Dec 2004, 23:30, Reply)

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