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This is a question Lost...

Trying to impress a new girlfriend, I 'borrowed' my mother's car. Dropping her off in London, I managed to lose the car keys between locking it and reaching the other side of the road. Utter humiliation followed as my mum took the train to London with the spare key...

What have you lost over the years?

(, Fri 3 Dec 2004, 8:01)
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Mike Hunt
Has anybody seen Mike Hunt? ;-)
(, Wed 8 Dec 2004, 17:00, Reply)
There is only one place a plunger should be(in the bathroom), needed to make use of it one day, looked behind the toilet and it was not there. Still very concerned about where it could be, I fear it may have been stolen...Yuck!
(, Wed 8 Dec 2004, 16:34, Reply)
Wireless mouse
I got mi sen a wireles optical mouse but I am constantly losing the damn thing. The only way to stop this problem is to tie some string to it, but that defies the whole point..
(, Wed 8 Dec 2004, 16:28, Reply)
Our Mam
...used to have a habit of confiscating items from my brothers and I that were liable to blind, immasculate or drain us of vital fluids. In particular, the Swiss Army knife I found when I was 7. Taken from me it was, to be put in a safe place and returned when I was old enough. Same thing happened with my Num-chucks. At the age of 15 it occured to me I was "of age" so demanded them back. Her "search" for them lasted 2 hours and she came up empty!

Quelle cunting suprise! Binned years before I suspect...
(, Wed 8 Dec 2004, 16:17, Reply)
Whole file of guitar notes...
...Was lost by my dear old me in my own house. There was a simular file standing on the shelf and I spent a couple of months thinking it was that.
(, Wed 8 Dec 2004, 15:33, Reply)
i lost my mind in the darkroom on monday,
I lost the second set of negs I'd needed, turns out I'd completely rearranged my whole library of negatives (read: box) in some kind of drunken stupor. And had taken with me negs for photographs of a horse I was testing something out with. so I had to go home and hunt for them ( not easy with that many in the box, unlabbled :C )

I found them, got back, and promptly set up the enlarger backwards (i *usually* know the "order of the grades" in my head), and create some crazy hybrid colour printing settings, despite printing black and white onto bw paper.

I then ruined /three sheets/ of 16x20 IlFord Multigrade Warmtone Lustre, and people in photography will know how fucking expensive that paper is. And had to have the whole project hanging on (critique is tomorrow) on the final sheet. If I fucked that up, I'd have to buy a whole box.

It was just a horrible day, you know when your mind just doesn't work right? I got home, and just sat there for an hour whilst my thoughts slowly filed themselves in the correct cabinets (IN MY BRAIN!!!!!!!!!).

yeh. I've never typed a long answer before, and I'm so proud I'm not going to apologise
(, Wed 8 Dec 2004, 15:21, Reply)
I lost all of my data,including porn,when my HDD crashed.
god i need a girlfriend.
(, Wed 8 Dec 2004, 15:05, Reply)
Bloke called Sid came out with me and my friends, we bumped into another friend who was with her new boyfriend. This German bloke i'm going to call Herman. Anyway, Sid had trainers on and wasnt allowed into this nightclub. So Herman very kindly offers to nip back to his house and lend him a pair of shoes. This occurs and Sid gets into club wearing a nice pair of shiny black shoes. Sid then gets very drunk and manages to pass out in flowerbed outside club. We find him hours later, minus his shoes. Someone nicked them off his feet it seems. Herman was far from impressed. Turns out they were not only expensive, but he had bought them out of his first ever pay cheque, for very special occasions. Ooops!
(, Wed 8 Dec 2004, 15:00, Reply)
One virginity. Last seen somewhere in the Leicestershire area...about 6 years ago. Answers to the name Percy. Will probably look quite worn and tattered.

If found please contact 5676435
(, Wed 8 Dec 2004, 13:28, Reply)
last 3 years
worrying recession of hairline..
(, Wed 8 Dec 2004, 13:26, Reply)
Since working here for 6 years
I've lost the will to live...
(, Wed 8 Dec 2004, 13:03, Reply)
I once found a £20 quid note on the floor of a bar next to my feet...in my glee i treated everyone to a round of lovely cocktails. Only when i got home did i find that i had lost £20 out of my wallet...dammit.
(, Wed 8 Dec 2004, 12:58, Reply)
i have a tendency
to loose keys, even in a small area and short case of time! they just vanish into another dimension never to be seen again
(, Wed 8 Dec 2004, 12:05, Reply)
Lost Spliffage......
...rolled 4j's yesterday on the sneak at work in prep for a gig last night (Beasties - V good) Left the office for the gig.....but only have the 3j's on me and can't for the life of me find t'other one...Horrible feeling I'll find it at the most inappropriate moment and it'll turn into a p45 moment - Almost like a Kodak moment but not. At all.
(, Wed 8 Dec 2004, 10:37, Reply)
Lost and found
A few years ago i was in a band. One of my bandmates had a garage so we used it to practice in. All our equipment was in there. After a while everyone kind of drifted apart as you do, but i was still close to the drummer whose garage it was.
Que two month's later. He phoned me up and told me his garage had been broken into. The thieves had apparantly taken EVERYTHING, including my £400 guitar amp!
Well i was obviously pissed off about it but he told me he was claiming on his house insurance and he'd sort me out a new amp.Sorted. Got a new amp and a new bass guitar from the money he gave me.
About six months later i was going through my spare room looking for something, moved some old blankets and stuff from the corner and what do i find? My old amp. It had been there the whole time and i had inadvertently turned my friend into an insurance fraud!
I was strangely proud.
(, Wed 8 Dec 2004, 10:28, Reply)
My l337 skills
Used to be crazy good at CS,then traitored over to DoD. Spent the last year destroying every vestage of my CS Mad Skillz. now every tom dick and twunt can take me down, no effot.
it can bring you to tears sometimes.
(, Wed 8 Dec 2004, 7:58, Reply)
remember that moment of panic as a small child when you are wandering frantically around some giant sized supermarket looking for your parent/s, who seem to have disappeared somewhere between the milk and the cheese?

my friend's dad will go straight to the cashier and get them to announce over the tannoy: "Will Julia McKenzie come to Customer Services where her father is waiting for her".
so everyone stands there waiting kindly for some tearstained toddler to stagger up.

she's 28.
(, Wed 8 Dec 2004, 7:55, Reply)
this might be stretching the question, but
for a period of 11 years, i lost the ability to ride bicycles.

i learned how when i was 7, with my parents and their friend leading me around parking lots and that sort of thing. i seem to remember riding bikes with a friend through a graveyard once, and that's about it. then i grew out of my little bike, and didn't ride one again for a long time. when i was about 10 i tried to ride and couldn't for the life of me; ditto when about 15.
finally, aged 18, i decided i had to accept defeat and re-learn how to ride the damn things. it took much longer the second time round. i got laughed at a lot. but i finally learned, so there.

"like riding a bicycle," my fanny.
(, Wed 8 Dec 2004, 4:13, Reply)
What I lost...
What I lost this year...

I have lost 6 jobs
2 boyfriends
14 porn dvd's

I think losing the porn is the worst thing to lose. I am still in tears because of it.

Oh - and I have eviction proceedings against me on the 4th of January. perhaps i could lose my virtue aswell...

(, Wed 8 Dec 2004, 3:22, Reply)
I have officially lost my sanity... and they are coming to get me, oh look I found it, stealing mummies car... :)
(, Wed 8 Dec 2004, 3:21, Reply)
It's alright
I found my weed now. It was at my mate's flat.
(, Wed 8 Dec 2004, 2:22, Reply)
I lost...
my ability to habla espanol.

I learned it as a child, too (grew up in S. Florida). I mean, I wasn't bilingual or anything but I was competent.
I then moved to another state, didn't use it for a few years. Tried to speak it to my roommate the other day aaaaaand...gone. Nothing. I couldn't even form a sentence. I lost an entire language!

I can still swear in it pretty well, though. Some things you never lose.
(, Wed 8 Dec 2004, 0:36, Reply)
Took it out of the cash machine at the petrol station before filling my car up.

Went into shop to pay, rummaged through pockets... no money! I had to leave my car keys behind, go back to the cash machine, and take out another £60.

I do remember watching some guy go to the cash machine as I was filling up, be quite quick about what he was doing and rush off with screeching tyres towards Braintree. Which arouses my suspicions somewhat, with retrospect.

I swear, as <insert your favourite deity here> is my witness, I'd have called round the forecourt first before taking the money.

no, my car is not some environment destroyer 4x4 behemoth. It was £30 for the tank, the rest for spending money for the next few days
(, Tue 7 Dec 2004, 22:32, Reply)
My Knife
When I was six, my friends and I went out back to a patch of land we called "The Desert," and used a knife to cut down a thin, tough coyote willow (Salix exigua). The blade was blunt, the effort strenuous, and soon I lost the knife in the leaf litter. I tried yanking down the tree, lost my grip on the trunk, and landed on my ass - and located the knife, as it sliced through the jeans and penetrated my testicles. Oddly enough, the sensation wasn't entirely unpleasant - a kind of tingling as I remember.

I gave up, went home, and started telling my mother about the strange tingling, but her screaming, and a hasty visit to the doctor, interrupted the story. Supposedly there was no long-lasting harm (still childless after all these years, though).
(, Tue 7 Dec 2004, 21:49, Reply)
poof next door
story goes, i was watching tv, when an officer came to my door, in full body armour mind you,asking if i had seen anyone suspicious around the hood. Apparently, the poof next door had his car stolen...well it just so happens my house came with a camera on ever angle of the house, and street. So me and the pig watched some of it, as it turns out the little bastard had drove it off at 1pm, and cam home at 4pm....without the car. he had told the officers he was sleeping from 1-5, and his car was open ,or something, and when he woke up, his car was gone. he hates me now, dont know why! i still wonder why they had on body armour.
(, Tue 7 Dec 2004, 21:21, Reply)
1.my arm
2.3 inches of my penis now its only 12 inches
3.a large section or my small intestine
4.2 golf balls
5.1 large spoon
6.six pounds of sugar
7.1 large radiator
8.6 letters or the alphabet
9.half a goldfish
(, Tue 7 Dec 2004, 18:58, Reply)
Losing is my middle name
Just left about £100 of christmas presents on the bus...And last week i lost my brand new mini ipod. I am a twat.
(, Tue 7 Dec 2004, 18:54, Reply)
A few things
The most recent thing I've lost was a pair of white gold and diamond earrings that my boyfriend had given me for my birthday. I had forgotten to take them off when I went paintballing about 3 weeks later and off they came when I put on my helmet. It was raining that day too so they immediately sunk into some random patch of mud and are probably now part of a racoons collection. Cost me 70 quit to replace before the next time I saw him. >_<

From my parents stories I was fairly good at losing myself at theme parks, zoos and the like, much to my amusement and my parents heart attacks.
(, Tue 7 Dec 2004, 18:06, Reply)
well, i blame little tossers like darklite for all the worlds evil
(, Tue 7 Dec 2004, 16:38, Reply)
Couple of things
When I was about 10 years old the while family were out on a skiing holiday. At the top of the mountain, one of my skis came off. But of course they have brakes. Iced up brakes unfortunately as I watched my ski picking up to terminal velocity and heading off down the mountain. Only way to get down was to ski on my boots. Half way down the mountain I find my ski stuck in the snow. "What luck, it must have flown off that jump and landed that way". Yes, I told everyone the story over and over all evening, only as a 10 year old can. Then about 9pm someone said, "Oh, that was your ski was it? Almost killed me, but I managed to stop it." My only story of the day ruined. The shame.

Oh, and I lost my entire dole money once. Was walking back with a crate of beer, and a big smile. Got home, discovered I had no money for two weeks, but had beer. Have a guess what happened next.
(, Tue 7 Dec 2004, 15:45, Reply)

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