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This is a question Lost...

Trying to impress a new girlfriend, I 'borrowed' my mother's car. Dropping her off in London, I managed to lose the car keys between locking it and reaching the other side of the road. Utter humiliation followed as my mum took the train to London with the spare key...

What have you lost over the years?

(, Fri 3 Dec 2004, 8:01)
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When twinthing and were about 6,
he lost the light off his little toy fire engine. It was a couple of hours later when I couldn't breathe that mum took me to the doctor and he had to fish it out of my nose with tweezers!
(, Mon 6 Dec 2004, 9:47, Reply)
I've lost the keys to my land rover last summer...
I've turned the house upside down... even gone as far as taking a stanley knife to the bottom of the sofa. I've now moved house and they're were definitely not there... Bleeding mystery!

The landrover now has one of those state of the art screwdriver-in-da-lok security systems on it...

(, Mon 6 Dec 2004, 9:36, Reply)
i've totally lost the will to li.....
(, Mon 6 Dec 2004, 9:01, Reply)
(, Mon 6 Dec 2004, 3:53, Reply)
In loving memory of Ernie the fish
One year, I won a goldfish at my school's annual carnival. I named him Ernie. Having no knowledge whatsoever about how to take care of a goldfish, I figured he'd be safe in a plastic cup.

An hour later, I look into the cup to check up on Ernie. He wasn't in there. e was nowhere to be seen. The guy I was dating at the time was with me, and we searched everywhere for that silly rascal.

Hours later, when the bf was getting ready to leave, I moved my desk chair, and the dead fishy came rolling out of my coat and onto the floor. I of course screamed, and had my bf grap a paper towel and flush Ernie down to the fish burial grounds that is Akron Sewer System.

Rest in peace, Ernie.
(, Mon 6 Dec 2004, 2:06, Reply)
missing animals
I begged and begged my mum to buy me a pet rat when I was about 8. My dad insisted I not let it out of the carrying box in his *NEW* car on the way home.
Of course I just had to play with it for a second and it was off like a shot. Cue my dad having to rip the carpeting up and seat covers off to "find the bastard thing before it died and stunk the car out". It never turned up, however, and I never got another pet for yonks.
(, Mon 6 Dec 2004, 2:06, Reply)
I lost the ability...
...to find out how many posts by now contain humour about a missing ā€œeā€. (Only a singular occasion in this post though!)
(, Mon 6 Dec 2004, 1:21, Reply)

(, Mon 6 Dec 2004, 1:08, Reply)
Ich lost
the war
(, Sun 5 Dec 2004, 22:50, Reply)
I lost my
and sexual health

In the same night.
(, Sun 5 Dec 2004, 21:43, Reply)
I've lost my hummus
all my recent works have been shit.
(, Sun 5 Dec 2004, 20:45, Reply)
where's my hymen?
(, Sun 5 Dec 2004, 20:15, Reply)
A Rabbit Behind a Sunbed
I once worked as a beauty therapist for a mad drugged up cow who kept her puppy and rabbit in the shop while buggering off drinking with her mates to leave me her naive 17 year old work experience girl in charge.

Anyway one afternoon spent alone i was happily playing with the puppy (locked in the kitchen) and the rabbit (hopping around in the reception area) when suddenly the place became a hive of activity. Loads of people came in and about 5 wanted to go onto the sunbed. Concentrating on the customers i was making tea for the ones waiting and making sure the others worked the machine ok. Once it had died down a bit I noticed something was missing. The rabbit was no where in sight. I ran out of the shop and looked around thinking it might have hopped out when someone came in or out but couldnt see it. Searched the shop. Puppy was quite happily peeing on the kitchen floor. Couldnt see the rabbit ANYWHERE.

I then shouted the immortal line through the door of the sunbed room.

"I know this sounds like a stupid question, but is there a rabbit in there with you?"

Had to repeat that i wasnt joking 3 times before she believed me! Helped me look though, which was nice! Finally an hour after first discovering it was gone i climbed up on the ma-hoo-sive sunbed to look behind it.

The rabbit was behind there happily snuggled up.

It must have been there while about 6 different people had 10 minutes each on the sunbed.

Didnt seem to do it any harm!


Wont go through the usual length and girth jokes :P
(, Sun 5 Dec 2004, 19:37, Reply)
my post....
...about losing my ovary...

does anyone know which page it's on?
(, Sun 5 Dec 2004, 19:34, Reply)
left my mobile on a bus in leeds (as i live there) Yes, LEEDS not the bus,

realised as soon as i got off my pocket was empty, tried stopping bus but drivers degree in i dont give a fuckology told him to keep driving, que me (large fellow) chasing after bus and nearly catching it on 3 times when it got to traffic lights, then it got to clear road and was off, SHIT!

me being a guy who does not like defeat caught the next bus to where it stops and turns round, got on the original bus, no mobile to be found but as i was an hour late to meet my freind stayed on to go meet him back in the city centre, on the way back 2 lads got on the bus came up to me and put my mobile in my hand !!
I asked how and they explained they had been on the same bus on the way to leeds seen me lose my mobile, got off, went to buy some smoke, got back on the same bus to get home and saw me.

Now i could tell my mate why i was late, on the thing that made me late in the first place.
(, Sun 5 Dec 2004, 19:17, Reply)
Fat people
on the bus really stink of anus.
(, Sun 5 Dec 2004, 19:11, Reply)
The Game
I've lost the game, goddammit. You know what I'm talking about...
(, Sun 5 Dec 2004, 18:42, Reply)
earlier this year I lost my phone at "Davefest" down near Hastings, luckily Dave, who's fest it was found it in the field and kept it until my return. w00t!
(, Sun 5 Dec 2004, 18:23, Reply)
pissed up
went out on the piss a while ago went to get a kebab without my mates spent an hour tryin to find the kebab shop then wen i found it got my kebab spent bout 6 hours wonderin round lookin for my mates..... they thourght i was dead went to the police and everythin.
(, Sun 5 Dec 2004, 16:13, Reply)
Also I lost myself
We were on a family holiday in Boston back when I was a wee lad of 15, I was bored of hours of wandering looking at museums and places where people attempted to make tea in the harbour so I decided I would walk back to the hotel. I went back down what I thought was the street we had originally come along only to end up firstly on a motorway type affair which lead me into the back end of an American city like you see on films, winos drinking from bottles in brown paper bags, big groups of guys looking quite dangerous, dark alleys with furtive looking people in and several friendly ladies in little clothing. I felt a bit nervous in my 'I'm a tourist' costume with all these people eyeing me up. I made it home in the end after biting the bullet and asking one of the above mentioned ladies for directions.
(, Sun 5 Dec 2004, 12:54, Reply)
Another lost hamster
After moving to a new flat I had the typical gathering of friends to make the place smell of strange herbs, anyhoo someone decided to play with the hamster for a bit and then SCENE MISSING awake to notice that there is a hole in the corner of the front door that can only be described as gnawed in construction and there is now a total lack of hamsters.
(, Sun 5 Dec 2004, 12:42, Reply)
Bank Underground station... Or, rather, myself.
Making my merry way to Coventry from Essex, following instructions lovingly written by best mate I was going to visit. Instructions read: "From Liverpool Street, take Circle line to Bank, change for Northern Line to Euston and get on next train with "Coventry" in list of destinations"

Spotted the mistake?

I didn't.

Bank's not on the Circle line. Bank's on the poxy Central line, which only occurred to me after I had gone through 3 or 4 stations, frantically reading round and round the tube map looking for a station that isn't on that line. Nice one. Mate gets obscenity-laden phone call from Euston, denies misleading me. Expects me to remember conversations that happened some considerable time ago.

KiltedNinja, you're never living this down.
(, Sun 5 Dec 2004, 12:17, Reply)
where did i put my...
oh it's over there.
(, Sun 5 Dec 2004, 12:06, Reply)
I'v lost
th ' ' k y from my k yboard. I can't find it anywh r .
(, Sun 5 Dec 2004, 11:51, Reply)
lost ladies
In Dublin on a stag do, got chatting to two rather attractive and extremely friendly young ladies from Scotland. They told me they were glamour models, who was I to argue? And they certainly seemed to be...ahem...qualified.

Anyway, ended up in a ricksaw with them on the way to a club, my mates all looking jealous and me rivaling Tony Blair in the smug gitness stakes.

Paid for entrance to the club and two bacardi and cokes, poor loves had no cash, went to the loo and returned to find said ladies had disappeared. Poor things must have been confused by the noise and lights and wandered off, no doubt desparately looking for me.

I hope they found their way home safely.
(, Sun 5 Dec 2004, 11:42, Reply)
I've lost
my passion for life
(, Sun 5 Dec 2004, 10:57, Reply)
Reproductive Organ
I lost an ovary.

On waking from heavy sedation in a hospital I find myself zippered up the tummy and one ovary completely gone.

This had not been the deal when I agreed to go under!

Luckily I had a spare.....
(, Sun 5 Dec 2004, 10:31, Reply)
what have i lost?
my sanity, that's one thing i'm never getting back... (thanks samuella...)

as for physical things i've lost there's too many to count. the list includes hamsters, numerous buttons, old people, camera films and other such niceties...

(, Sun 5 Dec 2004, 9:44, Reply)
What I Lost?
I lost an Ice Cream Van wearing headphones while carrying a cup of tea to my mum who was masturbating because there was no icecream...
(, Sun 5 Dec 2004, 7:59, Reply)
Thorpe Park is shit
I live reasonably near to Thorpe Park,and me and my mates go there reasonably regularly. One time, I thought it would be clever to take my cool new little DV camcorder, small enough to fit into your palm, or, indeed, your pocket.

So it was in my pocket, and we went on Collossus (which, by the way, is the most crap rollercoaster ever, don't bother with it), and the bloody thing fell out of my pocket.

So I claimed on the insurance ("it was stolen" etc), only to get a new one and loose it on Nemesis Inferno the next time we were at Thorpe Park. Needless to say my insurance company don't like me too much now, and I don't like Thorpe Park.
(, Sun 5 Dec 2004, 2:59, Reply)

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