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This is a question No Self-Awareness

I had a boss who had no idea of his body odour problem, and everybody was too tactful to break it to him. Not so a visiting Rev Ian Paisley: "What the blazes is that smell? Is it you?" That sorted it. Stories of people blissfully unaware of their bad smells, bad manners and foghorn voices.

Suggested by Ding Dong Montily on High

(, Thu 29 Nov 2012, 13:31)
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I've recently left the cozy walls of education and am trying to do something about being unemployed. So I'm applying all over the place including in the delightful USA. In TWO interviews I was told that I spelt quite a few words wrong. It's obvious I'm from the UK. Firstly it says so, secondly my accent is a dead give away, thirdly everything I have done in my life is based in the UK. The entire world is aware that American English is different from all other Englishes SO WHY AREN'T YOU??

I was told by a friend to change it to American English as most people would assume I can't spell and am therefore a complete retard and then throw my CV away. :(
(, Wed 5 Dec 2012, 21:47, 36 replies)
Why wouldn't you?

(, Wed 5 Dec 2012, 21:52, closed)

I didn't realise it would be such a big thing. I assumed that people would see that I was from the UK and judge my CV accordingly. I'm aware of how Americans spell words differently so I just assumed Americans would be just as aware how Brits spell words differently. Now I'm wondering if I can reapply to all those places with my CV (well, resume) and cover letters changed to American English.
(, Wed 5 Dec 2012, 21:54, closed)
would you apply for a job in France with an English CV?

(, Wed 5 Dec 2012, 21:56, closed)

I applied for a job in France that required English speakers with an English CV.
(, Wed 5 Dec 2012, 21:59, closed)
That's different.
If you're applying for a job in America then presumably your correspondence, should you be employed, would be expected to be in US English.
(, Wed 5 Dec 2012, 22:04, closed)
I know - I have learnt my lesson!

(, Wed 5 Dec 2012, 22:05, closed)
Well that's the main thing, I guess.

(, Wed 5 Dec 2012, 22:09, closed)
It it too much to ask that you learn the language when you move abroad, you ignorant cunt?

(, Wed 5 Dec 2012, 22:03, closed)
Fucking hell, you've got to spell it out for them. UNA. BEERIO. POR FAVOR.
(, Wed 5 Dec 2012, 22:29, closed)
Elnézést, de nem beszélek angolul.

(, Wed 5 Dec 2012, 22:41, closed)
You dirty bastard.

(, Thu 6 Dec 2012, 8:15, closed)
(, Wed 5 Dec 2012, 22:46, closed)
If you're too stupid to work in America then god help you.

(, Wed 5 Dec 2012, 22:21, closed)

(, Wed 5 Dec 2012, 22:39, closed)
I should just give up!

(, Wed 5 Dec 2012, 22:40, closed)
No. You'll become a drain on society.
Kill yourself.
(, Wed 5 Dec 2012, 23:33, closed)
Your problem
is that you're trying to find a job that you think you would like. If you're prepared to accept second best then you're aiming too high.
(, Thu 6 Dec 2012, 4:10, closed)
You should become a motivational speaker for the unemployed

(, Thu 6 Dec 2012, 10:08, closed)
He's been sitting on his arse for the last few years, he'll be lucky to find work anywhere.

(, Wed 5 Dec 2012, 22:42, closed)
Cause arguing with Merkins is really clever.
Especially when they are interviewing you for a job.
(, Wed 5 Dec 2012, 22:42, closed)
Basically Grassy, the OP is admitting to is own lack of awareness of the world here.

(, Wed 5 Dec 2012, 22:48, closed)
I'm think of changing my username in homage. I'll claim to be Beyonce's long lost brother.
Grassy Knowles.
(, Wed 5 Dec 2012, 23:03, closed)
Most Americans
don't know that there are some alternate British spellings.
Most do know that anyone with a British accent is not likely to be a team player.
(, Thu 6 Dec 2012, 0:55, closed)
Should choose Aussies instead. We're team players.
Any team that isn't the fucking merkins or poms.

EDIT: I am of course only speaking for myself and not the entire population of Australia. Particularly the brown-noses who suck up too much...
(, Thu 6 Dec 2012, 2:02, closed)
Most Americans
absolutely love Aussies, especially if they are into crocodile wrestling, or are nut cases like Mel Gibson.
(, Thu 6 Dec 2012, 3:56, closed)

(, Thu 6 Dec 2012, 4:34, closed)
Having just returned from a three-week trip to Merka
and having been served by polite, courteous people who genuinely seemed interested in me, and who went above and beyond in their efforts to assist me, it was genuinely shocking to return to England and be served by the monosyllabic petty-minded surliness that passes for customer service over here. A month ago I would never have expected to say that. I feel a little dirty doing so, but it's true.
(, Thu 6 Dec 2012, 8:58, closed)
Take a good hot bath, a couple of paracetemol
and have a good nights rest, you'll soon feel better.
(, Thu 6 Dec 2012, 9:22, closed)
Probably worth changing your spellings, at least while you're applying. I reckon a lot of them probably DON'T realise there's a difference.

Once you get the job you can start educating them in spelling properly. Good luck.
(, Thu 6 Dec 2012, 10:08, closed)
See this is a nice reply

(, Thu 6 Dec 2012, 10:11, closed)
That's what I was trying for
We need more love in this world.

(, Thu 6 Dec 2012, 10:53, closed)

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