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This is a question Panic Buying

It's the last shopping day before the whole country shuts down for christmas. You've been looking all over for something, anything, to buy your favourite person. Something that says you care, that makes them see you in a new light.

Well, something that won't make them punch you would do. My brother-in-law once bought his wife a bin for her birthday - it was a very nice bin, but boy was he in the crud for days.

What have you bought in sheer panic and desperation? Go on, you know you do it every year.

(, Fri 23 Dec 2005, 15:10)
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not exactly panic buying
but for christmas i got for my family :

Dad - thermal boot socks (he wanted them)

Mam - slippers (not too bad - and she wanted them)

Sister - Nowt (couldnt think of anything to buy her)

all due to me not starting my new job till the 17th and blowing the previous months wages on coke, beer and weed. oops. was fun though!!!111one
(, Thu 5 Jan 2006, 14:46, Reply)
mothers day
this isn't what you'd call panic buying more panic stealing, it was the friday before mothers day and being the college student i was i had saved all my money for that friday nights drinking session.
Anywho i was learning all about the wonderfull world of pottery and clay and what not when i was reminded that mothers day was not far away and the class was to make something for their mums.

anyway cut a shit story about sitting around and talikng to girls for a while short, it turns out my mates thing exploded in the oven and smashed the shit out of everyone elses stuff causeing about 15 stinky skint students to panic and steal as much of other peoples work as is possible,

i maneged to liberate a beautiful handcrafted vase in green and white a real master must have cafted it and i got all the credit, i think my mum was so stoked to get such a thing that she insured me on her car for a bit.

do i feel bad, only for going off the subject alittle.
(, Thu 5 Jan 2006, 11:43, Reply)
Bad Move
Got really panicky on new years eve. Had to buy the gf a gag gift...a dildo. turned out it was a strap-on i'd picked up in haste. it was in a box, it wasnt my fault! ouch
(, Thu 5 Jan 2006, 5:37, Reply)
not really panic buying a present
just general panic buying.

worked in a supermarket a few years back and i noticed that if there was a public holiday coming up, people would madly buy stuff like Milk.

every Saturday before a Monday public holiday i would watch in awe at the people paniced and bought 18 litres of milk because the shops wouldn't be open for 48 hours.

OH NO! we can't buy Baked Beans until Tuesday! better get 24 tins now.

(, Thu 5 Jan 2006, 5:07, Reply)
In a long term relationship..............
...I was involved in, I led myself to believe that I was in love all the way to the clouds with this mentioned girl. We had been playing the whole boyfreind-girlfreind thing for quite some time. Forward to our 1yr "anniversary," and to much delight to sadists, I had spaced out on the date. She'd obviously probably gone about buying these things or even writing poems of epic scales as a gift to me. With a head full guilt, I shot out the door in the early morning. We had a lunch date, so I had to get her something meaningfull before midday. I ran to the nearest record store and got her two Ella Fitzgerald albums along with an Edith Piaf one and I plucked a flower from the city street gardens. Thinking if all this fails, I'll just give her some good'ol cunnulingus. Uppon our meeting, turns out she had spaced out as well. She gave me one of the rings on her fingers........and some fellatio. Huzzah!

Long time stalker, first time attacker, take the length and enjoy it...
(, Wed 4 Jan 2006, 18:11, Reply)
Very skint one x-mas - had no ideas what to get my mum. Bought her a solid glass...... ASHTRAY from the quid shop. She still hasn't forgiven me and it's been 13 years.

She still uses it mind you.
(, Wed 4 Jan 2006, 9:27, Reply)
Are there really any bargains in the sales or is the country just full of idiots? I only ask as I went into town to get a new drill and it was like a shark feeding frenzy.
(, Wed 4 Jan 2006, 9:20, Reply)

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