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This is a question Encounters with politicians

Have you ever met your elected representative and had a meaningful and rewarding discussion with them? Nope, me neither. Tell us about your encounters with the vote-hungry election blaggers.

(, Thu 30 Apr 2015, 18:56)
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The door opened and Edwina walked in.
"Haven't you heard of knocking?" said John.
"Oh, John, you're so square." replied Edwina.
Edwina perched herself on the desk edge.
"Whatcha you doing?" she enquired.
"I'm reading some economic proposals," replied John.
Edwina mimed a yawn.
"Look, we don't want another Black Wednesday."
"I'm more of a black Friday person myself."
John looked perturbed. Edwina moved over to John and sat herself down on his lap.
"Do I scare you with my sex talk?" she said as she ran her fingers through his hair.
"Well... errr..." he stuttered.
"You're going grey in the face."
"I know, I can't blush conventionally, something's wrong with my capillaries."
Edwina grabbed his tie and drew herself closer to him.
"Oh, fuck off and do me."
Edwina shoved her hand down John's trousers and kissed him.
"Wow! You certainly have won this erection."
John tried to distance himself.
"Errr...I.. Edwina... I need to finish this document."
"Finish me first. Put your vote in my ballot box you grey faced dull bastard."
"Wha..err... what do you mean?"
"Penetrate me vaginally, John."
They proceeded to make love physically, as was the style of the time.
"I think I'm going to blow my budget," a panicked John remarked.
(, Fri 1 May 2015, 13:27, 11 replies)
best one yet

(, Fri 1 May 2015, 13:28, closed)
this to win

(, Fri 1 May 2015, 13:33, closed)

(, Fri 1 May 2015, 13:39, closed)
Can you do Nicholas Soames, next, please?

(, Fri 1 May 2015, 13:48, closed)
+ over the despatch box, with The Mace

(, Fri 1 May 2015, 15:00, closed)

(, Fri 1 May 2015, 15:45, closed)

(, Fri 1 May 2015, 17:48, closed)
win win win

(, Fri 1 May 2015, 20:27, closed)
hahaha grey in the face
Same joke as Spitting Image had for all those years. Classic.
(, Sat 2 May 2015, 8:53, closed)

(, Sun 3 May 2015, 11:12, closed)

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