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This is a question Absolute Power

Have you ever been put in a position of power? Did you become a rabid dictator, or did you completely arse it up and end up publicly humiliated? We demand you tell us your stories.

Thanks to The Supreme Crow for the suggestion

(, Thu 8 Jul 2010, 14:09)
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To anyone who visited the multiplex cinema on the Dublin Road, Belfast, 1995-97:
I was the ticket seller who liked to use the following phrases:

"No student card? No student concession."

"Your card has expired. No student concession."

"Your card is fake. No student concession."

"I don't care that you're Eamonn Holmes - it's still sold out."

I don't apologise for any of it. I fucking loved it.
(, Thu 8 Jul 2010, 14:40, 14 replies)
Will you be adopting a similar tact with parenting?
(, Thu 8 Jul 2010, 14:41, closed)
This morning I caught myself saying to her "treat my nipple with respect, goddamnit".
She's 3 days old but hey, it's never too early to give them severe parental angst.
(, Thu 8 Jul 2010, 14:47, closed)
If you think things are challenging
Now with a lack of breast-respect - wait until she starts wanting to watch 'In the Night Garden'.

Mental torture at its finest.
(, Thu 8 Jul 2010, 14:50, closed)
You'll have 'fun'
referring to 'Makka Pakka' as 'Mister Spakka' though. Hours of family jollity.
I haven't got kids, and still I know this. Christ.
(, Thu 8 Jul 2010, 15:03, closed)
Congratulations on your little one!
I was just looking at your profile to see if you'd had the little'un yet (nothing like a bit of internet stalking) and saw your photo and thought "She's having a girl" and I'm very pleased to see that I was right :)
(, Thu 8 Jul 2010, 15:34, closed)
That's not the best part of her profile
(, Thu 8 Jul 2010, 15:49, closed)
For telling Eamon Holmes to fuck off.
(, Thu 8 Jul 2010, 14:47, closed)
I had fun doing the 'your names not down your not coming in' thing at a nightclub many years ago.

(, Thu 8 Jul 2010, 14:49, closed)
To anyone who visited the HMV in the Oracle in Reading 8 years ago
I was the till monkey who liked to use the following phrases:

"No student card?”Fuck it 10% discount anyway."

"Your card has expired.”Fuck it 10% discount anyway."

"Your card is fake.”Fuck it 10% discount anyway"

I don't apologise for any of it. I fucking loved it and the Karma gods repaid me, as one of the stoodents I served, who ended up working there after I had left, remembered me and gave me a £10 card credit.
(, Thu 8 Jul 2010, 14:53, closed)
You fool! You don't deserve such power!!

(, Thu 8 Jul 2010, 14:56, closed)
No...no I don't. I promise I have lorded it over people in other jobs but i'll save those for the main qotw ;)

Grats on the new life noob btw!
(, Thu 8 Jul 2010, 15:06, closed)
Thank you!

(, Thu 8 Jul 2010, 15:19, closed)
bROKEN aRROW - that's the spirit
sticking it to THE MAN!!

Where d'you stand on the Eamonn Holmes dilemma though?
(, Fri 9 Jul 2010, 8:27, closed)
Hehe yeah, about a week too late ;)
We had Lenny Henry In once and he accidentely knocked everything off the shelves, I didn't help him , as he stopped being funny about 15 years ago* So on the treatment of so called VIP's, she got this bang on :D

*may have been 20-25 years ago
(, Mon 12 Jul 2010, 11:00, closed)

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