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This is a question Professions I Hate

Broken Arrow says: Bankers, recruitment consultants, politicians. What professions do you hate and why?

(, Thu 27 May 2010, 12:26)
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Israeli Paratroopers
Shower of cunts
(, Mon 31 May 2010, 8:32, 18 replies)
I Couldn't Agree More

I'm so fucking angry I could spit.
(, Mon 31 May 2010, 8:59, closed)

Arrogant fuckers.
(, Mon 31 May 2010, 9:54, closed)

Shower of shi'ite?
(, Mon 31 May 2010, 11:01, closed)
OOOOOHHH so political....
(, Mon 31 May 2010, 11:02, closed)
fuck off
the thread is "professions I hate"

Fail to you
(, Mon 31 May 2010, 19:30, closed)
Oi fa voi!
no need to be so terse in response, its not big and its not clever.
and the intended pun really was'nt that good in the first place.

BTW what was going on yesterday when everyones was calling you all sorts of names on the message board then spilled over on QOTW?
(, Mon 31 May 2010, 19:39, closed)
I propose a new motto for the State of Israel:
"Yay, we're Israel. We can do whatever the fuck we like, all the time. What's that we hear? Something that might vaguely be construed as even mild dissent? YOU ANTI-SEMITIC RACIST NAZI MOTHERFUCKERS, DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT WE'VE BEEN THROUGH? You'd better be nice to us or we'll get our big brother the USA to beat you up."
(, Mon 31 May 2010, 11:57, closed)
As mentioned previously,
I don't normally jump on the anti-Israeli bandwagon, but this was utter cuntery. Over the past few months, it's amazing how many parallels they're drawing with North Korea.
(, Mon 31 May 2010, 12:00, closed)
The entire Israel/Palestine issue is murky to say the least, and I'm realy not sure who is in the right a lot of the time, or even if there is a right, but what the IDF did was unexcusable. The murder of civilian aid workers in international waters is utterly barbaric. I can only assume that someone high up has been taking stupid pills or something. I don't see how they could ever think they could do something like that and get away with it without serious repurcussions. From the looks of it they're rapidly loosing the scraps of integrity and goodwill they had round the world.
(, Mon 31 May 2010, 12:49, closed)
700 people
on 6 ships? to deliver aid which would have been alowed to be delivered via Ashdod anyway?. 'International aid workers' do not carry knives or invoke the death and destruction of a sovereign country.
They were told to divert, they didn't, this was exactly what Hamas and the rest of the anti-Israeli coalition wanted, tragically people died as a result.
If you are going to attack Israeli Commandos, FFS, expect the consequences they are not known for their pacifism.
Just go on swallowing the propaganda.
(, Mon 31 May 2010, 14:55, closed)
Israel may be a bit paranoid (with reason!) but Im pretty darn sure that they didnt just decide to attack a load of boats for the hell of it!
(, Mon 31 May 2010, 15:34, closed)
Second reply to thread
Look at how many people have flown to Haiti for relief from the Earthquake, many thousands, you cannot fly to Gaza btw.

Were you on a checkpoint in the occupied territories BTW?
(, Mon 31 May 2010, 19:33, closed)
not quite
depends on your POV, but you might think that,they were annexed after we had a little local trouble with the rebel scum that we had to deal with. They got what they deserved.
the desert was really hot glad to be away from there really.

Gaza, There is an approved route in where thousands of tons have gone through, this was done in a confrontational way don't you think?

Haiti, disaster relief - no fanatics were blowing us up.
(, Mon 31 May 2010, 19:49, closed)
Actually, UN estimates state the total aid tonnage allowed in by Israel is one fifth of the aid needed. Nothing like keeping the fuckers down is there.

(, Mon 31 May 2010, 20:04, closed)
is this
the same UN and its moral relativism? it failure to stop genocide in Darfur, Srebenica and Rwanda, it's failure to deliver food aid to somalia? just skimming the surface of its failures over the years.
When it start returning to the original charter and why it was set up in the first place I might give it more credence.
(, Mon 31 May 2010, 21:23, closed)
er.... tomo'...
you did read the original post i did in full?... and you still didn't get it? did you not see what I did there? thought Alderann might give it away, did you think Aldershot or somewhere in Israel? and the occupied territories you were referring to did you think I might be and IDF paratrooper or something? I am still loyal to the Emperor.
Go back and read it again, it will seem obvious now.
But we did have fun burning up a few farms and their occupants...

mmmmm...maybe overlooking the obvious because of preconceptions might be a habit...
(, Mon 31 May 2010, 21:18, closed)
Israel: Bringing machine guns to knife fights since 1948.

yes i stole it from sickipedia
(, Tue 1 Jun 2010, 0:23, closed)
thats the Chicago way...

(, Tue 1 Jun 2010, 2:25, closed)

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