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This is a question Crappy relationships

"Recently," Broken Arrow tells us, "The missus informed me that her brother was moving with us." What has your partner done that's convinced you the magic's gone? "Breathe" is not an answer.

(, Thu 21 Oct 2010, 12:33)
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Sorry for off topic but what happened to the Belladonnaandyne (sp) Vs Rory Lyon thread
It just disappeared......poof!!!
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 16:41, 56 replies)
Belladonnaanodyne (sp?)
deleted it
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 16:42, closed)
Thanks Emvee
Just as it was getting Trolltastic, ah well.I still have the memories, they can't take away those from me....Ha!
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 16:44, closed)
Better to troll Facebook. Much more fun..
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 16:45, closed)
I was hoping Rory Lion was going to call me a nonce again

(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 16:45, closed)
Yeah that was a bit random :\
The responses made me chuckle though!
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 16:50, closed)
Being an unfunny cunt is a speciality of his.

(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 17:11, closed)
He would have been fine
If he hadn't antagonised about a dozen people in past QOTW's
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 17:14, closed)
Yeah maybe.
I just keep replying because it really, really bugs him for some reason.
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 17:20, closed)
I noticed, haha!

(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 17:32, closed)
I though she deleted it
because the consensus was that have regular sex with someone may be considered a little bit of a come on.
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 16:51, closed)
I have nothing
whatsover against the girl but that's the way I read it. It was probably only a few minutes away from the Ardent Badger archive anyway.
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 16:57, closed)
I had a look at it, it just seemed a little dull.
If I included a section for 'people whiteknighting shit stories' Happy Phantom would never be out of it.
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 18:11, closed)

Can I propose a section for "people who are stuck on endless repeat and look disturbingly similar to Gollum"?
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 19:13, closed)
There's no need for this endless bullying of Supermatt, he hardly ever posts here now.

(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 19:31, closed)
Whatever happened to Paedogollum anyways?
He finally managed to kidnap a kid to abuse in his basement?
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 19:59, closed)
With a bit of sticky tape

(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 16:50, closed)
Ta daaaa!

(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 16:59, closed)

In response, I did put up a message saying I was going to delete it. I'm supposed to be at a friend's place for a couple of days and didn't want the fact that some trolls object to something I've written to prompt me to log on and check what's been said all the time. The reason I'm on now is because I deleted it from my phone and wasn't sure if it worked. Thankfully, RoryLion has taken a break from... something in order to post you the linkage.

In addition, I'd like it to say that I didn't delete it because I can't handle the analysis of a troll, I just couldn't be arsed. The fact that (at my last check) it had 45 comments, all of them trolling/responses to trolling, meant that I felt it was bringing down the spirit of QOTW - frankly, if something I post gives that fuckwit a platform, I will remove it.

I'd also like to thank those who stood up to the trolls, I know you weren't defending me, but you were making QOTW a nicer place to be.
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 18:37, closed)
Good work here showing your massive indifference to trolling.

(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 18:43, closed)
well fuck me..
The big OF parades his new nickname as a fadge of honour. Bit like all the gays taking 'queer' back or the 'coloured people' re-appropriating the 'N' word.
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 19:01, closed)
This is the peak of your life Bumsex.

(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 19:31, closed)
sadly for you tractor boy
it may seem that way from the depths of yokeldom.
However seeking to enlighten you on this seems a little pointless, a bit like all the time you spend on talk.
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 19:44, closed)
I don't think you're in any position to talk 'pointless' here.

(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 19:49, closed)
my position to talk is...
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 19:51, closed)
What with your existence being devoted to telling me how pointless I am.

(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 19:51, closed)
and your general indifference to me.

(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 19:52, closed)
now that's different,
quite plainly you amuse me.
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 19:59, closed)
Ah the old 'no, I'm laughing at you strategy'.
You need a Smily Of Insincerity to really pull this one.
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 20:01, closed)
with your 'holier than thou' carefully constructed cynically witty persona. You love nothing better than be 'King of the internet castle' and its fun to see how you react. In real life I dare say you would never attempt voice this side of yourself.
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 20:02, closed)
it was amuse, not laugh
and don't flatter yourself, you have your /talk chums to do that for you.
You really aren't funny.
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 20:17, closed)
Laughing at you isn't a strategy
it's a default position.
(, Tue 26 Oct 2010, 1:31, closed)
Same with Rory Lyon for me.
I keep on posting only because for some reason, he absolutely hates it. Trolling the troll, if you will.
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 20:01, closed)
if you took the time to read instead of react
i pointed out your 'time spent on talk' talking utter shite, not you per se being pointless.
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 20:01, closed)
You stupid cunt, someone disagreeing with your point of view, does not make them a troll.
It makes them someone who disagrees with you, has this never happened to you before? I'm insulted that you infer I thought your post was great, but sought to cause upset by calling it out as shit.
Perhaps this is one of the many reasons why you were dumped, and now seek to bore the public with tiresome, callow tales, mangled together with your crude use of the English language. Shoe-horning large excerpts into lie of the week for additional exposure. I lost concentration in large part, but it seems to consist of "I dunna a sex". Good for you, now fuck off.
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 19:11, closed)
i'd just like to say
well done all and keep up the good work.
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 19:29, closed)
I think the contributions of this man are the best things in QoTW and without his thoughtful, incisive comments it would be a much worse place. Who can forget his "All women are whores" or "I HOPE YOU DIE IN A FIRE" - let alone his masterful "I hope you fall under a moving car on the way home" ?
Is there anyone else capable of such wit ? We're so lucky to have him with us.
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 19:35, closed)
I loved your post on the original story, now sadly lost to the bane of thread deletion, but fabulous work nonetheless.
Do you still collect care bears?
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 19:50, closed)
Come on
you can do better than that. C- at best there Rory.
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 19:57, closed)
Wasn't it about internet communities and hugglewuggles and shit like that.
It was depressingly twee.
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 20:04, closed)
No, dear boy
it was actually differentiating between people who actually contribute to the site, and people who just post spiteful bile that they wouldn't have the balls to say face to face to anyone...
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 20:42, closed)
It’s all sailed over your head due to your poor attentive span.
The original post spammed a shit cringeworthy blog. I contributed to the forum by saying as much. The rest of the replies consisted of the predictable knighting of an internet trollop, and Piston being his usual socially crippled self. If you want to play nicely fuck off to mumsnet.
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 21:00, closed)

Wouldn't that be 'attention span'? Or is his span (?) particularly attentive, yet poor in some other ambiguous respect?
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 21:40, closed)
it's a little later, but I've been busy...
I checked out 'mumsnet', as you suggested - it was pretty dull. Just some needy cunt with the handle 'lyonmum', banging on about how she regretted being equipped with a womb as it had spawned nothing but a very forgettable failure with a propensity for sweary nonsense and poor grammar.

We hooked up. I shall be violating her, thursday week. Up the wrong 'un.

Thanks for the tip (as 'lyonmum' will doubtlessly scream).
(, Tue 26 Oct 2010, 1:26, closed)
If doing a pensioner confined to a wheelchair with MS is the best that you can do fire away
I see why you keep knighting fat QOTW chicks, the chances are one day you'll catch one at a particularly low point in their life.
(, Tue 26 Oct 2010, 8:22, closed)
Her wheelchair has MS?
Such cruel irony...
(, Tue 26 Oct 2010, 11:15, closed)

are you on your period?
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 19:29, closed)
is that a punctuation style joke
or a crude reference to menstruation/anger issues? just want the clarity.
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 19:32, closed)

The latter. His punctuation is just about adequate, if a little prone to overuse of the comma. That said, the sentence structure is distinctly substandard.
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 19:34, closed)
Thanks, from what I have read
he just seems a like a big illiterate cunt.
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 19:39, closed)
^ said the prick who posted that abomination.

(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 19:43, closed)
you and the onerous fadger should get a room and then you could spawn some really hateful abominations.
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 19:46, closed)
I love you guys!
You give me something interesting to read while I wait for my porn to load!
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 22:27, closed)
We really need a section in the FAQ explaining what the term "troll" actually means.
That is, not just "someone who must be silenced".
(, Mon 25 Oct 2010, 20:21, closed)
You wouldn't know a troll if it fucked you in the ear.
(, Tue 26 Oct 2010, 1:47, closed)
Whenever I see "troll" being flung around on here, I always imagine Bill O'Reilly getting contradicted by someone sane, then spluttering with anger and fuming about how American liberals have far too much freedom to contradict him - as if he's the victim.

(, Tue 26 Oct 2010, 2:06, closed)

I quite liked this explanation of trolls, and the evolution thereof.
(, Tue 26 Oct 2010, 11:36, closed)

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