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This is a question My sex misconceptions

Freddy Woo writes, "aged eight, a boy from my class told me everything these was to know about sex: male prostitutes are called destitutes and women use tampons to stop men sticking their willies up them. Also, women pee out their bums, something I didn't realise was wrong until I was about 18 and my first girlfriend looked at me aghast."

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zero points for conception/misconception jokes

(, Thu 25 Sep 2008, 15:54)
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Mood killers - part 1
I used to have a Nigerian girlfriend. We were in that very special place where we're buck naked, spooning and both acutely aware that the horizontal monster mash was inevitable. Then I look down at my cock resting between her arse cheeks.

"Look at that! It looks like a negative of a hot dog!"
(, Thu 25 Sep 2008, 19:05, 12 replies)
Very funny
I spat half a chewed dorito on to the keyboard after reading that!
(, Thu 25 Sep 2008, 19:20, closed)
(, Thu 25 Sep 2008, 19:46, closed)
Click click click click!
(, Thu 25 Sep 2008, 20:42, closed)
*clicks furiously*
(, Thu 25 Sep 2008, 21:52, closed)
genius! *click*
(, Fri 26 Sep 2008, 9:39, closed)
I was logged out at work...
But I just had to click.

(, Fri 26 Sep 2008, 11:09, closed)
Ahaha! Again!
These are brilliant!
(, Fri 26 Sep 2008, 13:27, closed)
I'm Gonna
Tell that one to the Mrs tonight.

Nay I'm going to actually act out the whole sketch when we fall into bed probably pissed tonight.
(, Fri 26 Sep 2008, 14:41, closed)
I've been getting close
to such a lady lately at work. If the time comes, I'm so using that. Click
(, Fri 26 Sep 2008, 19:56, closed)
That's so horrible
but so very amusing none the less. *clicks*
(, Sat 27 Sep 2008, 4:09, closed)
Bwa ha ha!!
What did she say?
(, Mon 29 Sep 2008, 16:30, closed)
Now I have this idea in my head about a dark-skinned man and light-skinned woman at an orgy, and a very stoned person who happens upon them in that position and proceeds to do the obvious. I'm not entirely certain that there isn't something wrong with my head.

Also: so, did you get the $200 million that was waiting for you out of Nigeria?
(, Thu 2 Oct 2008, 4:38, closed)

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