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This is a question Stags and Hens

Mictoboy asks: Everybody knows that stag and hen parties are a veritable gateway to Hell, and quite the worst thing to happen to anybody full stop. So, tell us what happened.

(, Thu 30 Jan 2014, 16:00)
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My stag involved going down the local for a bit of a session, nothing too heavy. I’ve never been one to make a fuss about stuff like this, but a mate had arranged for loads of friends I hadn’t seen for a while, ex colleagues etc. to turn up. It was like an episode of This is You're Life, every few minutes another person from my past walked in the door. Loved it.

The Lovely Mrs Ring Of Fire did the more traditional pack of squealing wimmin thing. I got home from my evening first and went to bed. I work to the early morning light and got the fright of my fucking life. The Mrs had crashed into bed without changing out of her Hen gear. Her friends and done her up in way over the top makeup, glitter false eyelashes, glitter wig etc. For a split second my brain was screaming “YOUR IN BED WITH A TRANSVESTITE CLOWN”.
(, Fri 31 Jan 2014, 9:59, 12 replies)

(, Fri 31 Jan 2014, 10:57, closed)
To be fair to him, when you wake up in shock you generally don't have time to worry about the correct spelling.

(, Fri 31 Jan 2014, 13:18, closed)
It's not spelling, though, is it?
It's semantics.
(, Fri 31 Jan 2014, 14:20, closed)
But I was in shock when I typed that reply, so you can't hold that against me.
(, Fri 31 Jan 2014, 15:17, closed)
Can't imagine anything more shocking than waking up to the realisation that your future wife looks like a transvestite

(, Fri 31 Jan 2014, 15:18, closed)
It was a shock.
(, Sat 1 Feb 2014, 15:01, closed)
She sounds nice
Mum proud?
(, Fri 31 Jan 2014, 12:48, closed)
Her's: Dead. Mine: Nutter who thinks we're part of the world conspricay out to get her.
Take your pick.
(, Sat 1 Feb 2014, 15:03, closed)
Nice story

(, Fri 31 Jan 2014, 14:18, closed)
Fascinating stuff, here.

(, Sat 1 Feb 2014, 11:02, closed)
Top AB ing.
How's the wife?
(, Sat 1 Feb 2014, 14:59, closed)
My mate fucked a clown once in a drunken session
Apparently in the morning when she took her make up off she was uglier than with it on
I asked him if he honked her nose while he was plunging away.
(, Tue 4 Feb 2014, 11:42, closed)

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