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This is a question Trouble

This week's theme is 'getting into trouble'. Tell us about the worst trouble you've been in - or about an occasion when somehow you got away with it against the odds.

(, Tue 8 Sep 2015, 14:18)
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High four
When I delivered stuff and such like down South, the traffic was a real problem on the return leg. To avoid the chaos that is known as the A34 northbound at 4:30pm, I sought out a quiet back road that had quaint turns and picturesque location. It also had a hump-back bridge which could barely be taken at 30 without going light. One week I had use of the company 405 and I thought that if I took the bridge at 70mph I should defiantly get some air under the wheels.
The approach to the bridge was a longish straight and I got up to speed and checked the seatbelt. A car was coming the other way but I was confident of making the bridge well before it, so kept on with the challenge. I reached the point of take-off, everything went silent and I distinctly remember looking down on the roof of the other car as I cleared the bridge. The car landed on four wheels quite cleanly and I vacated the area pdq.
Two nights later on the evening news it was reported that a motorist in Oxford had jumped his car over a bridge and left tire marks on the roof of an oncoming vehicle. I had made the news again.
(, Tue 8 Sep 2015, 17:10, 30 replies)
Paging AB

(, Tue 8 Sep 2015, 17:58, closed)
true or not - lol

(, Tue 8 Sep 2015, 17:59, closed)
I imagine it sounded like this
(, Tue 8 Sep 2015, 18:32, closed)

(, Tue 8 Sep 2015, 20:21, closed)
It's at times like this, I'm glad I grew out my beard.

(, Tue 8 Sep 2015, 20:31, closed)
I hit a humpback bridge doing about 60 once
I didn't mean to, I was going too fast along country lanes at night and it reared up out of the darkness at me. Got a couple of seconds of air and fair fucked the car landing afterwards, ended up with a hefty bill from the mechanic a few days later to put the engine back in after it basically fell out the bottom of the car.

Even so, I'm inclined to agree with McBeef.
(, Tue 8 Sep 2015, 20:41, closed)
^ harbinger of the apocalypse

(, Tue 8 Sep 2015, 22:57, closed)
if only one of the natural science doctors were here to confirm, by the use of well difficult sums, that this tale is true.

(, Tue 8 Sep 2015, 22:09, closed)
I'm inclined to believe this as knight rider had a special turbo boost button and used to do this all the time.

(, Tue 8 Sep 2015, 22:32, closed)
youn talking KiTT

(, Wed 9 Sep 2015, 6:48, closed)
You defiantly got some air, eh?

(, Wed 9 Sep 2015, 7:07, closed)
What a load of complete and utter made up bullshit
Like anyone's going to believe a Peugeot can hit 70mph
(, Wed 9 Sep 2015, 8:38, closed)
I got my Peugot up to 73
but I lived at 85
(, Wed 9 Sep 2015, 21:22, closed)
I got to 100 once in my 206.
I think that messed it up though, as first gear didn't work after that and it would stall in 5th unless I kept the speed between 55 and 65 mph. Which was quite fun as it was a bit like being in 'Speed'.
Also there was some plastic gear link thing that would pop off randomly if I changed gears whilst accelerating hard leaving it stuck in neutral, just to add to the excitement.
(, Wed 9 Sep 2015, 21:36, closed)
You lying sack of shit.

(, Wed 9 Sep 2015, 9:09, closed)
When you slam the brakes on, does your car do an endo?

(, Wed 9 Sep 2015, 9:45, closed)
Whose doesnt
I also kickflip my car round corners
(, Wed 9 Sep 2015, 11:36, closed)
I remember seeing that on TV
the witness said that the car's horn played the first few notes of "Dixie" as it flew over
(, Wed 9 Sep 2015, 10:45, closed)

(, Wed 9 Sep 2015, 12:41, closed)
^ I understand this reference.

(, Wed 9 Sep 2015, 14:40, closed)
^ racist

(, Wed 9 Sep 2015, 14:47, closed)
I used to love my glass floored peugeot with aircraft landing gear when I lived in wankhole fantasy land too.

(, Wed 9 Sep 2015, 15:47, closed)
I think the Readers Digest
still offer 25 quid for interesting and unusual true life anecdotes like this.
(Is Readers Digest still a thing?)
(, Wed 9 Sep 2015, 16:41, closed)
It was about 15 years ago
I used to put their CD-ROMs together for them
(, Wed 9 Sep 2015, 16:45, closed)
Would you like them all back when we clear out the in-law's house?
(, Wed 9 Sep 2015, 17:52, closed)
Oh no, they were awful
Top tips on how to use the early 2000s internet and that sort of thing :(
(, Thu 10 Sep 2015, 10:03, closed)
King beard!

(, Wed 9 Sep 2015, 22:08, closed)

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