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This is a question Unemployed

I was Mordred writes, "I've been out of work for a while now... however, every cloud must have a silver lining. Tell us your stories of the upside to unemployment."

You can tell us about the unexpected downsides too if you want.

(, Fri 3 Apr 2009, 10:02)
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To the B3ta Mods…an open letter.

We’ve had our ups and downs, and as you know I am often at the forefront, wagging my complaining tallywaggle about when there have been shite QotWs used.

We whinge and bitch and bang on and on about it until we’re blue in the mouth. By jingo I bet you’re sick of it.

The thing is, when a good suggestion is used. Nobody ever lines up to say ‘Well done’. We all just mutter, take it for granted and get on with enjoying the QotW. You guys have a thankless task.

Well, I’m man enough to say this now. I have a GOOD feeling about this week.

So well.fucking.done. Kudos to you on what I think is an excellent choice.

I’m not even going to go into the realms of ‘about fucking time’. Let’s put it behind us shall we?

This question is generic, relevant enough to include everybody and there is definite potential for the thought-provoking posts. And the laughs, of course.

Although I can’t think of anything specific to post right now, I’m sure it won’t be long before I remember something worth posting. Until then I’ll enjoy the other posts.

So thank you B3ta.

Let's get cracking people.
(, Fri 3 Apr 2009, 10:41, 18 replies)
Well Said Sir!
A question with massive potential that I'll be posting an answer or three for later.

(, Fri 3 Apr 2009, 10:44, closed)
I've done my fair share of moaning
and have bitched like a, erm, bitch and all.

But I have to hand it to cthonic this week.

(, Fri 3 Apr 2009, 11:07, closed)
No stories from me either.
But I do like this question.

(, Fri 3 Apr 2009, 11:20, closed)
Thankyou Pooflake
"You guys have a thankless task."


Next week's question is "Coal". I think it's going to rock, but then again I don't get out much.
(, Fri 3 Apr 2009, 11:23, closed)
Nor does Kaol...
... Oh. You said "coal".

(, Fri 3 Apr 2009, 11:29, closed)
Oh thanks.
Thanks a fuckin' lot.
(, Mon 6 Apr 2009, 10:44, closed)
Coal isn't a rock :P
(, Fri 3 Apr 2009, 14:42, closed)
As a geologist I can definitively say coal is a rock.
(peat isn't even though it is young coal)
(, Fri 3 Apr 2009, 16:05, closed)
my pun is saved by the forces of knowledge
(, Fri 3 Apr 2009, 18:11, closed)
What can I say, my brain is like a rock
and slower than a rock on sitting on a flat piece of land. I wrote that message while trying to also write something to explain movement of chlorinated ethenes in groundwater to a stupid reporter so he won't write really stupid pieces that make it sound like dead babies are falling from the sky at sites that are actually being taken care of. Doing something like that takes what little intelligence I might think I have and dashes it to the rocks of reality. Your pun was better.
(, Fri 3 Apr 2009, 23:55, closed)
That is all.
(, Fri 3 Apr 2009, 12:00, closed)
They do a good job and many thanks.

(Will sucking up like this help us in finally get a qotw about threesomes?)
(, Fri 3 Apr 2009, 12:49, closed)

(, Fri 3 Apr 2009, 14:05, closed)
You mean this isn't funny anymore!

Ok, no more threesome jokes (at least for this question).
(, Fri 3 Apr 2009, 16:03, closed)

hear, hear.
(, Fri 3 Apr 2009, 15:02, closed)
I don't have much in the way of an answer myself, but I'm pretty sure that other people will, so there should be some interesting reading. Which, you know, is nice.
(, Fri 3 Apr 2009, 15:17, closed)
You click-whore, you.
(, Fri 3 Apr 2009, 16:40, closed)
* click * and hear hear
I hope this wins this week's QOTW.
(, Mon 6 Apr 2009, 21:07, closed)

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