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(, Mon 27 Feb 2012, 21:29, archived)
# Cameron Stranglewank and The Deficit of Doom.
(, Mon 27 Feb 2012, 21:31, archived)
# It has a certain ring to it!
(, Tue 28 Feb 2012, 23:27, archived)
# Clicking this,
purely because I am feeling vast amounts of loathing for this man at the moment, and anything that mocks him feels like a fresh breeze.
(, Mon 27 Feb 2012, 21:44, archived)
# ^This.
He's like this generation's Thatcher. What an unlikeable lying little shit he is.
(, Mon 27 Feb 2012, 21:48, archived)
# I find it particularly distasteful the way he's trying to jolly everyone along with phrases like "tighten your belts"
I guess he's trying to tap into the Boris factor, playing on the perception of Tories as loveable upper-class duffers who come out with quaint and cheery little phrases, but really it just comes across as "You'll be poor and you'll like it"
(, Mon 27 Feb 2012, 21:54, archived)
# Yeah, he seems to be trying for a 'British Bulldog' thing, thinking we're all well 'ard.
But instead he just sounds like an uncaring, snooty fuckwit who clearly has no PR skills at all.

All we need now is for him to declare war on a small group of islands just to win an election.
Psh, the way things are going it'll be the SAME small group of islands.
(, Mon 27 Feb 2012, 22:06, archived)
# he's doing more for the scottish independence cause than salmond could ever hope to acheive
(, Mon 27 Feb 2012, 21:56, archived)
# it's almost like...
it's in the tories interests for labour and the libs to lose a large chunk of seat.

but that's crazy talk!
(, Mon 27 Feb 2012, 22:00, archived)
# Belt up Britian?
(, Mon 27 Feb 2012, 21:48, archived)
# Pull tighter. TIGHTER.
Excellente! (also I feel it's my duty to pea this)

(, Mon 27 Feb 2012, 21:51, archived)
# You'd best shop a CDC on there before you get naughtybanned
(, Mon 27 Feb 2012, 22:21, archived)
# Barry looks on
in approval
(, Mon 27 Feb 2012, 22:41, archived)
# i'd tivo my normal programmes just to witness him being force-fed his own genitalia
(, Mon 27 Feb 2012, 22:00, archived)
# michael hutchence could teach him a thing or two
(, Mon 27 Feb 2012, 22:20, archived)
# I'm clicking this
Mainly for your profile name.

"SHUT IT, Love Actually!!"
(, Tue 28 Feb 2012, 0:33, archived)
# Ahhh The Milligan Manoevre
(, Tue 28 Feb 2012, 11:28, archived)
# oooh, FP
thanks :D
(, Tue 28 Feb 2012, 16:19, archived)