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# who wants a soaking?
Durning the days of intense heat England encountered recently, we decided it would be a good idea to purchase a super soaker, and drive around squirting people, of course we caught it all on film and here it is...


the last one on the second page is the best, but its the largest file!

- Jamie
(, Sun 25 May 2003, 21:30, archived)
# This is morally questionable.
(Come to think of it, this is bloody WRONG, and you probably ruined a few people's days here.)
(, Sun 25 May 2003, 21:30, archived)
# morally questionable fun
is the funniest fun you can have fun with
(, Sun 25 May 2003, 21:32, archived)
# seconded
watch out for the long aarm of the law tho
(, Sun 25 May 2003, 21:33, archived)
# aaww come on!
it was so hot that day, getting a soaking would have been like a gift!
(, Sun 25 May 2003, 21:34, archived)
# i agree
but if a copper had been watching i dont think he'd have seen it that way. carry on by all means, just keep a look out is all
(, Sun 25 May 2003, 21:36, archived)
# It bloody wouldn't.
I refer you to Batsgirl's comment below. It's not big, and it's not clever, it's just pissing people off and ruining their day (or possibly worse if you hit the wrong person).

The key to good humour is that nobody gets hurt. The "money grabbers" video that sailed through here a few weeks ago was great because of that. But this is just wrong.
(, Sun 25 May 2003, 21:37, archived)
# yup
sounds a very shit thing to do to people!
(, Sun 25 May 2003, 21:33, archived)
# In fact, on reflection,
I'd like to declare him an utter bastard and say that should I ever meet him, I'll shove his super soaker up his arse*.

* not necessarily true
(, Sun 25 May 2003, 21:34, archived)
# someone did that to me once
Not only did I have a panic attack (seriously), I also ended up walking down a busy street in a clinging wet white top.
(, Sun 25 May 2003, 21:34, archived)
# Heh. I notice that he's forgotten
to blank out the numberplate on the car that they're firing from. That could be a mistake.

(I could make a crass comment about the top, but I won't.)
(, Sun 25 May 2003, 21:39, archived)
# Let's put it this way
a see-through top is not conducive to calming down.
(, Sun 25 May 2003, 21:41, archived)
# Yeah.
Trouble is, the bastard with the water pistol wouldn't care.
(, Sun 25 May 2003, 21:46, archived)
# Not that I'd have a problem
with a see-through top in other circumstances ;-)
(, Sun 25 May 2003, 21:50, archived)
# Ooh! Can I make a crass comment now?
Please? ;-)
(, Sun 25 May 2003, 21:52, archived)
# by all means.
be my guest!
(, Sun 25 May 2003, 21:56, archived)
# Oh, all right then.
I wouldn't have a problem with your see-through top either.

(, Sun 25 May 2003, 21:58, archived)
# its my m8's car
if he gets in shit, it'll be even more funny!
(, Sun 25 May 2003, 21:43, archived)
# Yes,
but he'll blame it on you.

You really are an arsehole, aren't you?
(, Sun 25 May 2003, 21:45, archived)
# yep
(, Sun 25 May 2003, 21:45, archived)
# morally questionable
It would be less reprehensible if you'd had a better cameraman.
(, Sat 31 May 2003, 13:52, archived)
# newsletter! newsletter! newsletter!
way out of order... but funny as fuck.

But you might want to blur out your numberplate first.
(, Sun 25 May 2003, 21:33, archived)
# I can't view the videos
What wierd format are they in? something.m1v I get...
(, Sun 25 May 2003, 21:34, archived)
# windows mediaplayer
(, Sun 25 May 2003, 21:36, archived)
# plays
through quicktime
(, Sun 25 May 2003, 21:37, archived)
# .
16.m1v is funny
(, Sun 25 May 2003, 21:38, archived)
# Haha
I'll bet the po-po would love to get their hands on it, especially with that visible license plate. Your lives hang in a delicate balance.
(, Sun 25 May 2003, 21:46, archived)
# Hmm. Let's see, what do we know?
He's at Stamford College (which explains a lot), his name's Mark Lowe...
(, Sun 25 May 2003, 21:48, archived)
# Ooh
The Lincolnshire Po have a "report crime online" button on their website. Hmmm.. I would get as much of a kick out of this as you did out of watching people get squirted :)
(, Sun 25 May 2003, 21:52, archived)
# transatlantic
(, Sun 25 May 2003, 21:53, archived)
# Alas, that wouldn't work, 'cos it doesn't fall into those categories
(, Sun 25 May 2003, 21:56, archived)
# what's this northants thing?
I was just going to send an e-mail to "general inquiries" at the Lincolnshire po-po (Stamford says it's located there, I dunno if that's a city or what, I'm not from there (from the US actually))
(, Sun 25 May 2003, 21:58, archived)
# Oops. Lincolnshire.
My error, hang on while I find a better link.

[Edit: you've got the right one.]
(, Sun 25 May 2003, 21:59, archived)
I feel like a sleuth
(, Sun 25 May 2003, 22:03, archived)
# you know
it's hosted on a superjanet website, and something tells me this ain't academic. All it would take is someone to let the webmaster know and that would be off their site before you could say jack robinson :-)
(, Sat 31 May 2003, 10:25, archived)
# you're all a bunch of big ol' meanies.
(, Fri 30 May 2003, 18:43, archived)
# Wowee !!!
that is bloody smashing !!!

do it to a kitten, hee hee

(, Fri 30 May 2003, 20:04, archived)
# soaking a kitten...
well my cat has 3 litters a year hmmmm. must buy a digicam and try that.

thinking of which, ever seen the stupid faces that the people were pulling in shock as they got soaked? blow as hard as you can at a cats face and then you will see a fine comparison ;)
(, Sun 1 Jun 2003, 21:43, archived)
# hah!
we can see your number plate, you're gonna get busted!
(, Fri 30 May 2003, 20:34, archived)
# Quite amusing...
...but we shouldn't be laughing. ;x

Everyone needs to calm down. The people don't get THAT wet and it was a hot day. Leave the guy alone!
(, Sat 31 May 2003, 9:51, archived)
# Piss poor
Some wanker did this to me in Grimsby once. I swear if I'd got my hands on him he'd be needing a proctologist to remove a super soaker from his rectum.

This is piss poor and not very funny. 2/10 - must try harder.
(, Sat 31 May 2003, 10:09, archived)
# heh
i come from Grimsby and i know that one of my friends brothers did that, were they in a little red cinqucento by any chance ??
(, Sat 31 May 2003, 15:42, archived)
# I was planning
on doing this with my mates. Now I'm having second thoughts.
(, Sun 1 Jun 2003, 9:11, archived)
# Woosh!
how odd..
(, Sun 1 Jun 2003, 9:23, archived)
# OMG, i went to college there
and i can see where i used to study lolol. Stamford college and your probably soaking a lot of the kids i once saw as little tiny kids in the local Queen elanor school. nice one!!
(, Sun 1 Jun 2003, 21:31, archived)
# Take it easy on him.
Hey i think you should all stop moaning at him for doing it, its plain funny. Lifes so short you gotta have a laugh at other peoples expence, i think those people probably found it funny in a way, and i think you should lay off him. If its in the name of humour, then good on ya! Well done on a good job!
(, Sun 1 Jun 2003, 15:20, archived)
# Nice 1
I used to go to stamford college and in those videos i have so far seen 3 people i know and hate and one of them was soaked!! HAHA. also you drove past two of my old workplaces and soaked 2 people outside both of them in one go in St marys street! this is the best!!!!
(, Sun 1 Jun 2003, 21:36, archived)