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# I'm not at liberty to divulge the vulge.

[edit] if you look carefully you can see the origin of the game.
(, Sun 15 May 2005, 1:31, archived)
# Bastard!
*Adds to tally
(, Sun 15 May 2005, 1:32, archived)
# bastard.

That's three times I've lost today.
(, Sun 15 May 2005, 1:33, archived)
# Today i lost for the first time in two years
and then about 10 times thanks to a certain b3tatrix's name change....

I thought i'd share.
(, Sun 15 May 2005, 1:35, archived)
# Today was my first loss for ages too.
They're all cunts on here except us.
(, Sun 15 May 2005, 1:38, archived)
# haha,
its beacause they are not extraordinary ordinary and have never betrayed a kitten and slain a frog.
(, Sun 15 May 2005, 1:40, archived)
# I have.
(, Sun 15 May 2005, 1:45, archived)
# =(
(, Sun 15 May 2005, 1:35, archived)
# Cockgobbler.
(, Sun 15 May 2005, 1:35, archived)
(, Sun 15 May 2005, 1:35, archived)
# revenge is a dish best served cold.
Mmm. Feel the icy icy payback
(, Sun 15 May 2005, 1:36, archived)
# *shivers*
(, Sun 15 May 2005, 1:43, archived)
# Dammit.
*gives up on ever getting his hands on the vulge*
(, Sun 15 May 2005, 1:36, archived)
# We're all playing the game
The Game
The Game is simply called "The Game".

The object of The Game is to forget you are playing The Game. I first was introduced to this in 1996 or thereabouts.

You lose if at any time you remember you're playing The Game. When you do remember you're playing it, you must tell everyone in your present company that you "Just remembered I'm playing The Game" - and then proceed to explain the rules to them, as they are now (whether they like it or not) playing The Game also. You have 20 minutes to forget all about The Game before it restarts.

The Game by its very nature spreads like wildfire. I was at a barbecue last summer and someone who was entirely unconnected with the set I know remembered she was playing The Game...

BTW, you're all playing it now as by default, I just remembered I am playing it. Thats the rules.
STARTED BY (Ariaxen, Wed 31 Mar 2004, 12:02 )
(, Sun 15 May 2005, 1:40, archived)
# so
that means I am playing now then?



I wondered why I felt the urge to get my willy out and play with it.

(, Sun 15 May 2005, 1:43, archived)
# about 4pm, 5pm onwards
every 10 mins
(, Sun 15 May 2005, 1:56, archived)
# So it's *not* just me and my flatmates who play this!
The only time anyone wins is when the current Prime Minister admits s/he has just lost the Game.
(, Sun 15 May 2005, 1:43, archived)
ha, that would be so cool, if the PM went on the news for a special announcement and just said "I, and now all of you, have just lost the game. *sticks out toungue, does silly dance, wanders off humming tune to great escape*"
(, Sun 15 May 2005, 1:47, archived)
# I would vote for (s)he.
(, Sun 15 May 2005, 1:49, archived)
# now that would
be quite ace
(, Sun 15 May 2005, 1:50, archived)
# HAHAHA!!! brilliant
If i was working for an advertisment company
i would make an advert that made you lose the game
and then everytime you lost
you would think of the advert

Big posters, tv commericals, In newspapers....
(, Sun 15 May 2005, 1:54, archived)
# Please
(, Sun 15 May 2005, 2:32, archived)
# I hate you all
twice :|
(, Sun 15 May 2005, 1:46, archived)
# fucker
it's been months since I thought of the game
(, Sun 15 May 2005, 1:47, archived)