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This is a question The Little Things

'Hullo chaps', bellows Richard McBeef, of 'the internet' fame. My boss has managed to make 'shown' into a two syllable word and it drives me round the fucking bend. Tell us about the little things that people around you do, which annoy you for more than they rationally should. Vent your spleen.

(, Fri 18 Mar 2016, 8:47)
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What drive me nuts is my colleagues with an education at PhD level pronouncing drawing as darwring. Ahhhhh!
(, Wed 30 Mar 2016, 20:10, Reply)
its pronounced aspartame you senile welsh fuck!!!!
(, Tue 29 Mar 2016, 21:01, 3 replies)
little bastards.
(, Tue 29 Mar 2016, 20:42, 3 replies)
People who think that a sentence that takes the form of "This is a photo of Smith and I on holiday", or "I'd appreciate it if you could email that to Jones and I" drive me up the wall.

Whether they're slightly more or less annoying than, or equally annoying to, people who would use "myself" in that sort of context is an issue upon which I change my mind fairly frequently.

Having said that, and contrarily to the letter of the question, I'm not sure whether that stuff annoys me more than it should, because it really is genuinely cretinous. I suspect my annoyance is entirely warranted.
(, Tue 29 Mar 2016, 12:21, 13 replies)
The number after five is SIX
Yes you Julian Ryder on the Moto Grand Prix.
He is not in sickth place you fat bearded eejit.
(, Tue 29 Mar 2016, 9:16, 3 replies)

(, Mon 28 Mar 2016, 19:02, Reply)

(, Mon 28 Mar 2016, 18:43, Reply)

(, Mon 28 Mar 2016, 8:04, Reply)
Room 101
Cunts moaning about fuckall. A bit like all the cunts answering this question, only it's on the fucking telly too.
(, Sun 27 Mar 2016, 20:14, 2 replies)
My penis.
Dissapointingly little.
(, Sun 27 Mar 2016, 19:47, Reply)
I'm right and best and everyone else is wrong, shit and annoying.
Yours faithfully, everyone on the internet.
(, Sun 27 Mar 2016, 13:50, Reply)
When I explain a philosophical point to the dog
And she carefully studies my mouth in order to interject her tongue and lick the roof of my mouth.
(, Sat 26 Mar 2016, 17:34, Reply)
I used to work with a guy called Bill
That is his real name and now I don't work with him I couldn't give a fuck if he knows this is about him.

He is fat. Obese. But not obese like a whale he is obese with legs and arms and a stomach that protrudes so far over his belt it corners before his legs do. That's not everything though he has greasy, really thick greasy black hair that he combs back, imagine a Kray brother with enough grease to ease the introduction of Hitler under the Chuppah.

On top of that he has acne. Serious acne. Yellow BRIGHT FUCKING BIRDS EYE CUSTARD yellow acne. All over his face.

He only has to walk up two flights of stairs and he breathes as if his life depends on it.

He eats two breakfasts a day. 8:30 full English from the canteen. 10:30 sausage and bacon barm. Lunch time, macdonalds or full mixed grill in the canteen. Inbetween all of this he consumes multiple mars bars, caramels, cream buns, whatever his podgy little cuntish fingers can grip.

What annoys me? The fact he announces to the office on a daily basis that he is now on a diet...EVERYDAY for the last 8 years I heard that.

Oh and he wears glasses.

The fat fucking useless elvis impersonating heart attack flirting cunt.

I hope he dies soon
(, Sat 26 Mar 2016, 1:36, 2 replies)
So, whoever started everyone off saying "so" at the beginning of every fucking sentence should be shot. It was probably some twat on Radio 4.
(, Fri 25 Mar 2016, 11:44, 8 replies)
People who put their entire message in the Subject line of an email
And 'Regards' in the body.
(, Thu 24 Mar 2016, 23:06, 1 reply)
(, Thu 24 Mar 2016, 15:12, 4 replies)
Can I get...
"Can I get a tuna mayonnaise on brown with cucumber?"

I just wish someone would grow a pair and say something like 'sure, walk round to this side of the counter, choose yourself an apron and help yourself to all these lovely sandwich ingredients'.

(, Thu 24 Mar 2016, 13:03, 11 replies)
Dr Skagra.

(, Wed 23 Mar 2016, 12:36, 2 replies)
Fucking Cyclists
Who cycle on the road when there is a perfectly good cycle path next to it. Lycra clad arseholes think that they own the road. Hopefully they will be introduced to the tires of a HGV that they are too entitled to get out of the way of.
(, Wed 23 Mar 2016, 11:34, 24 replies)

(, Tue 22 Mar 2016, 17:44, 1 reply)
her indoors!
(, Tue 22 Mar 2016, 16:32, 1 reply)
Wankers who do not know when they should use their indicators. Here's the clue - every time you are not following the road / cross a white line.
(, Tue 22 Mar 2016, 9:33, 9 replies)
It raellly annnoyz me
[ominivoox notwithstanding]




Get it right poeple!
(, Mon 21 Mar 2016, 21:56, 21 replies)
This appears to upset the mods immensely.

(, Mon 21 Mar 2016, 18:40, 14 replies)
My wife
being my wife.
(, Mon 21 Mar 2016, 17:26, 1 reply)

This question is now closed.

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