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This is a question Why will you burn in hell?

Repent ye sinners - Tell us about a dreadful thing you've done that means you'll burn in hell.

(, Thu 12 Jul 2012, 14:02)
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I'm not a religious man, but I've had to deal with them a lot over the years.
And what various clerics from different Christian sects have told me, and, you know, I'm paraphrasing, and I could be wrong, but what they've told me is that sin isn't so much a question of a list of things that you can't do, but it's more about being seperate from God.
Now, I'm an atheist, so I've no instinctive grasp of what this means. But I've been told, by both Catholic Archbishops and Presbyterian Preachers, that being in a state of sin means not being able to appreciate God. So the old "deadly sin" of Sloth isn't so much a divine injunction against laziness, but it's a realisation that people suffering from what we now call depression can't commune properly with the divine. In other words, sin isn't a crime, it's more akin to a failing, or an illness, or a disability. It's a problem to be dealt with, rather than a failing to be punished.
And, again, I don't know. I'm not religious. The entire mental framework of sin is one with which I don't engage. So, I should probably fuck off, and not comment. But, but, here's the thing;
You people had a choice about the Question of the Week. And when I say "you people" I mean British internet nerds. Because that's most of b3ta. That's not a value judgement, it's a fact.
And you had a choice about to to question, for the week, and you had the choice to discuss Class. Which would be interesting because right now you're all being screwed by some people who all happened to go to the same posh schools and inherit vast amounts of money, and are stopping you achieving a democratic system of government that might in some ways reflect what you want.
But you chose not to talk about that. You half-wits voted to tell some shit jokes about killing badgers and wanking in churches.
So, do you know what the real sin is here? Yeah, that's right. Gay marriage.
(, Sat 14 Jul 2012, 1:00, 7 replies)
I don't think anyone voted for this.
Wasn't it something about sheds?
(, Sat 14 Jul 2012, 1:33, closed)
^ This ^
And the people who caused that topic to get canned get to sit on the naughty step for a couple of days.
Tough mob those b3ta mods.
(, Sat 14 Jul 2012, 2:05, closed)
Agreed, except...
..they voted for sheds. Which would've been even worse.
So your point stands.
(, Sat 14 Jul 2012, 14:12, closed)
how many people actually vote/look at that suggestion board?

(, Sun 15 Jul 2012, 1:32, closed)
the "wrong" number.
(, Sun 15 Jul 2012, 5:51, closed)
Sorry, but the Gay Marriage thing made me snigger
I know, as a flag waving Gayer I should not laugh, but let's be honest here, sick humour is what makes this place swing.

You were joking weren't you?
(, Mon 16 Jul 2012, 0:46, closed)
I suppose
It depends on where the flag is put before you wave it
(, Mon 16 Jul 2012, 9:48, closed)

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