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This is a question Common

Freddy Woo writes, "My wife thinks calling the front room a lounge is common. Worse, a friend of hers recently admonished her daughter for calling a toilet, a toilet. Lavatory darling. It's lavatory."

My own mother refused to let me use the word 'oblong' instead of 'rectangle'. Which is just odd, to be honest.

What stuff do you think is common?

(, Thu 16 Oct 2008, 16:06)
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Now now, B3ta, not everyone is awful.
I feel I need to defend people a bit.

It seems us B3tans think that everyone and everything younger than us is common, so let me tell you a heartwarming story that broke through even my cynicism about the youth of today.

One of my old jobs in my chequered employment history was on a factory assembly line.

Now I’m sure that any of you that have been to school in Britain will remember being dragged round on a factory visit to see how industry works or whatever the point of those trips is.

As a kid, I actually quite enjoyed it, but as a worker those days were among the most dreaded of our working lives.

I shared the commonly held in B3taland view of these unbearably out of control little brats with no manners and no appreciation for other people.

Almost without exception they were a bunch of common little shits.

One day was different though, there was a small group that came round, and, lo and behold, you could just tell they were from very well to do families.

There was a girl who was extremely discerning in her tastes in food, a young lad with an encyclopaedic knowledge of film and TV that put mine to shame. There was one boy who was admittedly a tad overweight, but I just put that down to the fact that he obviously had money for a luxury diet and, finally, the cream of the crop, one delightful young lady who you could just tell was from a privileged background, she just had breeding, she knew what she wanted from life and was going to do her utmost to get it.

All in all, it was an eye opening experience, and just goes to show that you shouldn’t lump everyone in together.

The only thing I couldn’t figure out was why they were hanging round with a pikey bugger called Charlie
(, Wed 22 Oct 2008, 11:35, 12 replies)
I have a feeling that this is a joke.
(, Wed 22 Oct 2008, 11:47, closed)
Oh, God...
I've just got it.
(, Wed 22 Oct 2008, 11:55, closed)
Whipple-mallow fudgetastic delight
(, Wed 22 Oct 2008, 11:56, closed)
I heard
that Charlie went on to own your factory- so he can't have been a complete pikey bugger could he? Smashed up the roof pretty bad, though.
(, Wed 22 Oct 2008, 11:49, closed)
Yeah, Charlie's your boss now
so you're fucked when he reads this.

What are you doing posting on b3ta? Shouldn't you be oompahing? Or at the very least, loompahing?

Get back to work, you tantastic midget.
(, Wed 22 Oct 2008, 11:54, closed)
'what are they?'
(, Wed 22 Oct 2008, 12:11, closed)
Listen to this and you will go far.
(, Wed 22 Oct 2008, 12:39, closed)
A joke?
I'm very sorry, but I don't get it.

Please put me out of my misery and explain.
(, Wed 22 Oct 2008, 13:17, closed)
and the chocolate factory written from the point of view of an oompa loompa.
(, Wed 22 Oct 2008, 13:24, closed)
Think classic childrens' novel
Charlie / ___ / ___ / _________ / Factory
(, Wed 22 Oct 2008, 13:26, closed)

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