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This is a question Dates Gone Wrong

Ever gone on a date when "she" turned out to be a male university lecturer in his 50s who tucked his shirt into his Y-fronts? No, me neither. Tell us how it all went shit-faced.

(, Thu 4 Sep 2014, 13:13)
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I hope Dr Skagra dies in a fire.

(, Thu 4 Sep 2014, 16:37, 26 replies)
At least we can agree on this.

(, Thu 4 Sep 2014, 16:48, closed)
I've had to modify my Ignore 2.0 hack so that it unignores everybody except him.
I suspect this means he's won.
(, Thu 4 Sep 2014, 17:02, closed)
You have a 2.0 hack?

(, Thu 4 Sep 2014, 17:14, closed)
"hack" is an extremely generous description
It's a content script that shows all replies as if I'm not logged in but puts the 'reply' button back in as if I am ... it's only possible because 2.0 is fundamentally broken because the b3ta authors hate you all so have fucked off to usvsthem to write shit quizzes
(, Thu 4 Sep 2014, 17:23, closed)
Woah... they implemented 2.0 client side?
(, Thu 4 Sep 2014, 17:27, closed)
it's more fundamentally broken - it's back to front compared to practically every messageboard in Christendom
you see less logged in than you see logged out
(, Thu 4 Sep 2014, 17:59, closed)
Let's send them on this:
(, Thu 4 Sep 2014, 18:08, closed)
usernames are public, default passwords are dictionary based, and there's no protection against brute force attacks
they could use this place as an example of everything you can do wrong
(, Thu 4 Sep 2014, 18:15, closed)

this place your face
(, Fri 5 Sep 2014, 9:50, closed)

(, Fri 5 Sep 2014, 10:36, closed)
I've not paid attention to 2.0 at all.
Blocks you from seeing people who have you ignored?
(, Thu 4 Sep 2014, 20:23, closed)

(, Thu 4 Sep 2014, 20:30, closed)

(, Thu 4 Sep 2014, 20:42, closed)
Really? I kinda like him.
He writes total drivel that I never read, of course;
but knowing that he's out there, writing that drivel,
I find to be oddly comforting.
(, Thu 4 Sep 2014, 17:16, closed)
he causes unnecessary scrolling which is one of the greatest evils on the internet

(, Thu 4 Sep 2014, 17:20, closed)
Surely the scrolling is necessary
if you want to- HEAVEN FORBID!! - go past one of my ace stories?!

(, Thu 4 Sep 2014, 18:28, closed)
I liked the office based ones.
But I'm on my phone right now and it took about two minutes of scrolling to get down the page.
(, Thu 4 Sep 2014, 20:24, closed)
Have I got a reasonable case to sue for RSI on my scrolling finger?

(, Fri 5 Sep 2014, 9:34, closed)
I won't die sweetie
I'm a Time Lord.

I'll just regenerate!

Ha ha
(, Thu 4 Sep 2014, 18:27, closed)
Yes but hopefully as someone less shit

(, Thu 4 Sep 2014, 18:36, closed)
I'm not shit
I'm super smexy and smart!

And you're a bucket of diarrhoea that's been knocked over and is trickling sloooowly away into the gutter to be washed away by the rain and forgotten forever. Forever. For ever.

Ha ha!

(, Thu 4 Sep 2014, 18:47, closed)

(, Thu 4 Sep 2014, 18:55, closed)
an early winner
(, Thu 4 Sep 2014, 18:45, closed)
With only a pound a day from each of us
This could become a reality in a week or so.
(, Fri 5 Sep 2014, 1:03, closed)

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