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This is a question Funerals II

It's been 7 years since we last asked for your funeral stories and what with Lady Voldemort's coming up, we thought we'd ask again.

The deeply upsetting, the sad and the ones that make you want to hug the world all have a place here on b3ta, tell us about them.

Thanks to Pig Bodine for the suggestion

(, Thu 11 Apr 2013, 14:20)
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Everyone should leave their body to science.
It's just meat.

There's no point in getting all emotional about it - the person is dead.

Since there's no god or heaven or hell, nothing's going to happen but it rot, so you might as well use the body for education and experiments.

(, Mon 15 Apr 2013, 9:41, 28 replies)
You just want a load of medical students sticking things up your arse.

(, Mon 15 Apr 2013, 9:47, closed)
Like you don't.

(, Mon 15 Apr 2013, 10:17, closed)
Exactly why I'm planning on doing it
Not donating it to science, donating it to teaching.
(, Tue 16 Apr 2013, 15:47, closed)
your mum should leave her corpse to science fiction

(, Mon 15 Apr 2013, 9:54, closed)

(, Mon 15 Apr 2013, 10:17, closed)
I tried to leave my body to science
They suggested Ripley's Believe It Or Not.
(, Mon 15 Apr 2013, 10:18, closed)
I already left my body to science.
They got it working again.
(, Mon 15 Apr 2013, 10:23, closed)
Yeah, fuck all those losers who want organ transplant handouts, freeloading cunts the lot of 'em

(, Mon 15 Apr 2013, 10:41, closed)
Sorry - yes - organ transplant to be mandatory.

(, Mon 15 Apr 2013, 11:53, closed)

fuck right off, they kill you cos the recipients already given them a back hander
(, Tue 16 Apr 2013, 23:43, closed)
Yes. What's the problem?
Maybe you need to invest in some A Vagabond Patented Body Armour.
(, Wed 17 Apr 2013, 11:03, closed)
If it's just meat
Why don't we donate it to the hungry?
(, Mon 15 Apr 2013, 10:53, closed)
I'd definitely renounce my vegetarian ways if human meat was available.
Of course, it would have to have been raised free range and then killed in a humane way after living a joyous and fulfilling life, I don't want to encourage battery farming.
(, Mon 15 Apr 2013, 11:11, closed)
But seriously, we're eating it already.
Never mind horse lasagnes, who here has genuinely never seen a tattoo going round on the meat of a kebab spit?
(, Mon 15 Apr 2013, 11:39, closed)
Not once
But then again, I've never seen an Alsatian with a tattoo when it was alive.
(, Mon 15 Apr 2013, 11:53, closed)
I normally wait until they're dead before getting the inks out, less chance of being bitten

(, Mon 15 Apr 2013, 11:56, closed)
Because cannibalism messes you up, I understand.
Bodies don't like consuming their own.
(, Mon 15 Apr 2013, 11:54, closed)
Come on, you know we all would
...if only we could reach.
(, Mon 15 Apr 2013, 12:18, closed)
Me, I make do with gnawing on my shoulder instead.

(, Mon 15 Apr 2013, 12:23, closed)
I once had two hamsters.
I know one of them would have disagreed with you.
(, Mon 15 Apr 2013, 13:16, closed)
Hamsters can't talk, silly.

(, Mon 15 Apr 2013, 13:17, closed)
But they can perform interpretative dance. Who's silly now?

(, Mon 15 Apr 2013, 13:22, closed)

i am ....
(, Mon 15 Apr 2013, 13:32, closed)
Good man.
Now go and listen to the Cuban Boys biggest hit for the next three hours to remind you of your folly.
(, Mon 15 Apr 2013, 13:36, closed)
The Body Farm
Over here you might end up at the Outdoor Research Facility of the Forensic Anthropology Center of the University of Tennessee, aka The Body Farm. Alas, they do not offer tours.
(, Mon 15 Apr 2013, 17:10, closed)
Saw a documentary on that t'other day.

Very interesting.

"Let's put a body in a plastic bin for a while, and see what happens!"
(, Mon 15 Apr 2013, 17:28, closed)
If only there was some B3ta meme about bins

(, Tue 16 Apr 2013, 17:01, closed)
Organ transplants come first
and anatomy departments will not accept a body if it's had anything removed post mortem. I think that's less because they want a full set (they don't mind if bits went missing in life) and more because the people harvesting organs don't have time to do a neat job with the bits they don't need.
(, Tue 16 Apr 2013, 22:13, closed)

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