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This is a question Ginger

Do you have red hair? Do you know someone hit with the ginger stick? Tell us your story.

(, Thu 25 Feb 2010, 12:54)
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This is my son. Game Set and Match.

(, Sat 27 Feb 2010, 0:31, 23 replies)
he'll be a lady killer
surely he'll get all the girls - hes a cute one.
(, Sat 27 Feb 2010, 0:51, closed)
He is a champ.
Got to see someone else from Melbourne. I'm assuming it's Melbourne, Victoria.
(, Sat 27 Feb 2010, 1:04, closed)
Yep. Melbourne Victoria.
Coming up to my fifth year here.
(, Sat 27 Feb 2010, 3:06, closed)
Either your son has downs
or your camera does
(, Sat 27 Feb 2010, 1:16, closed)
My son has the full complement of chromosomes (and we have the pregnancy tests to prove it)
And the photo was taken with a Pentax K20D. Is that a downie camera?
(, Sat 27 Feb 2010, 3:05, closed)
Kids with downs have the full set.
They just have one of them in swaps, too.
(, Sun 28 Feb 2010, 15:39, closed)
Set, and Match.
(, Sat 27 Feb 2010, 3:23, closed)
He's adorable!
(, Sat 27 Feb 2010, 1:23, closed)
Loving the space invaders hoody as well : )
(, Sat 27 Feb 2010, 8:10, closed)

He's adorable!
(, Sat 27 Feb 2010, 8:41, closed)
got a really photogenic face and a killer smile....

But don't you think that he's got HUGE HEEED???

Shagging your missus after she dropped that one must be like chucking a sausage up the Mersey Tunnel.

(, Sat 27 Feb 2010, 10:17, closed)
Babies with huge heeeds are an unfortunate fact of human biology.
The gestation period of nine months is the optimum settled upon by natural selection for a balance of survivability outside the womb and a head small enough that it won't kill the mother during birth.

Big brains (and heads big enough to fit them in) were such an evolutionary benefit that the rest of human physiology had to play catch-up.

Word from the wise:
After having a child, women tend to be uninterested in sex (all their attention, mentally and physically is directed at the new arrival). Therefore, it doesn't matter about the 'Mersey Tunnel' syndrome, because new fathers tend to go 'a while' in-between "festivities" (as I like to call it), and need little in the way of, erm, stimulation.
You get the idea.
(, Sat 27 Feb 2010, 10:34, closed)
Gorgeous child!
Obviously you're a top seed.
(, Sat 27 Feb 2010, 12:33, closed)
Has your wife
got a fetish for Kelsey Grammer
(, Sat 27 Feb 2010, 12:52, closed)
I went to a Grammar School, so perhaps.
Anyway, judging by the way her eyes glaze over whenever I 'go off on one', I reckon she likes the idea of having a well read husband more than the reality.

You should have seen the worried look on her face a couple of days ago when a(soon to be) business associate of hers mentioned astrology in front of me...
(, Sat 27 Feb 2010, 13:23, closed)
That is one hell of a brave move to put a picture of your child on a site with a penchant for all things lewd and disgusting.

Seems your valour has paid off and the better side of B3ta has shown.

Well done sir

(Don't anyone else try this foolish behaviour, you are liable to get burned)
(, Sat 27 Feb 2010, 15:38, closed)
his head is a cube

(, Sat 27 Feb 2010, 17:53, closed)
Yes. Brave I suppose.
And anyway, I'm probably not the type to slowly compile dossiers on people who have dissed my son, slowly going through every submission made to the B3ta board over the years, building up a picture of who they are, where they live, where they work, maybe adopting a pseudonym and personal messaging them with interesting questions, forming a bond, exchanging email addresses, looking up the IP address in the email header, narrowing down my search to a fairly small geographical area, comparing that with the information on file in my dossiers, maybe finding them one day, and politely asking them to repeat what they said about my son, to my face, and (if circumstances require) my knife.

I'm probably not that sort of person.
(, Sat 27 Feb 2010, 23:42, closed)

I am. But I couldn't be stuffed wasting time on no accounts.
(, Sun 28 Feb 2010, 10:53, closed)
ginger, wheres teh mind bleach?
(, Sat 27 Feb 2010, 19:34, closed)

(, Sun 28 Feb 2010, 15:01, closed)
Aww, what a cutie!
And that's a class hoody too
(, Sun 28 Feb 2010, 19:58, closed)
I wouldn't worry too much about the hair colour
but I'd do something about the aerial sprouting from his head
(, Mon 1 Mar 2010, 15:08, closed)

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