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This is a question Housemates

Catch21 says "I go out of my way to make life hell for my shitty middle-class housemates who go running to the landlord every time I break wind". Weird housemates are the gift that keep on giving - tell us about yours.

(, Thu 26 Feb 2009, 13:28)
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I just found out I have a flatmate.
I live on my own, and this has come as a big surprise.

I wasn't given any notice about them moving in.

I've even checked my tenancy and it doesn't say anything about sharing.

I only noticed when I went in the kitchen and noticed him.

He ran away and disappeared behind the bin.

(, Mon 2 Mar 2009, 16:01, 17 replies)
puddy tat?
world champion hide-and-seeker?
reclusive runaway?
(, Mon 2 Mar 2009, 16:05, closed)
Or could be a
(, Mon 2 Mar 2009, 16:07, closed)
thats good - is it mice?

(, Mon 2 Mar 2009, 16:11, closed)
An ickle tiny black one, dissapeared in to a hole where the central heating pipes are.
(, Mon 2 Mar 2009, 16:15, closed)
Shucks. Disappointed now.
Thought it was going to be a Great White Shark.
(, Mon 2 Mar 2009, 17:59, closed)
Living in Edinburgh
this is a real problem, land lords never seem to give a fuck though.
(, Mon 2 Mar 2009, 16:18, closed)
Nice one!
Gets a click from me!

Cute fuckers, mice.... annoying, but cute.

One time Ms Hanky made me rush home cuz she had one cornered in the kitchen. Though I'm really not sure if it was the fucking mouse that had her cornered...
(, Mon 2 Mar 2009, 16:19, closed)
No pets
I can't have a cat here though. They never normally vist when I have a cat, I wonder why?

So Mellow and Spanky are both mouse lovers?

At least I got a click from you both?
(, Mon 2 Mar 2009, 16:25, closed)
I love mice
I love um so much it took me several hundred quid and a whole lot of time to mouse proof the flat...

I'd say they are my nemisis...

But I liked your post so you get a click. Cheers, buddy.
(, Mon 2 Mar 2009, 16:35, closed)
Seen him again
Now it's war, maybe,

Expandy foam, traps.

Anybody have any advice?
(, Mon 2 Mar 2009, 17:29, closed)
Wire wool
stuff it in all the holes and gaps in your place.

Either that or a fucking flame thrower.

The little fuckers can fit through a gap the width of a penicl, apparently...

Good luck!!!
(, Mon 2 Mar 2009, 17:30, closed)
they have collapsible skeletons

ugh ugh ugh what a thing to evolve!

hmmm would be very useful on the tube though...
(, Mon 2 Mar 2009, 17:33, closed)
Collapsible skeletons?
So that's why you can stick them up your anus without crushing them.
Or so I've heard...
(, Mon 2 Mar 2009, 19:05, closed)
You just reminded me
My ex missus was laying out an old lady after she had died. She was showing a new girl what to do. The body farted moving at the same time. The poor girl screamed, ran out of the room and never came back to work again.
(, Mon 2 Mar 2009, 19:30, closed)
Humane release
Purchase and enjoy a bottle of Paul Masson California White from your local offie.

The vase shaped bottle with pop-on-pop-off lid id an ideal mousetrap. Bait with a biscuit, lie it on its side and wait overnight. Mousie can't climb up the inside slope of the bottle. Pop the lid on and release him in the park.

NEVER buy sticky traps unless you would feel good about yourself if you came down in the morning to find a single tiny foot adhering to it: chewed off in agonising desperation.
(, Mon 2 Mar 2009, 19:34, closed)
This sounds better
I will purchase a few carrafe's of Paul Massons lovely wine. I remember Somerfields selling these at two for a fiver a few years ago.
I'll keep you informed. I Think I'll take him down the park.
(, Mon 2 Mar 2009, 20:48, closed)
We tried humane traps twice
Not in Edinburgh, but in Suffolk.

The first mouse gnawed its way through the bottom and leapt onto my mum's (unsuspecting) hand - cue screaming - when she picked the trap up. We never saw it again.

Mouse two starved and rotted. Dad commented there was a funny smell around the place, but no-one thought to check the traps...
(, Mon 2 Mar 2009, 20:43, closed)

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