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This is a question Hypocrisy

Overheard the other day: "I've told you before - stop swearing in front of the kids, for fuck's sake." Your tales of double standards please.

(, Thu 19 Feb 2009, 12:21)
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Even as a youngish Legless I've always felt that way people treat promiscuous young scamps like me was hypocritical as hell.

As a bloke, I could shag anything that moved and was vaguely female and all I'd get was wry comments, congratulations and the odd shake of the head. Occasionally people would buy me beers.

But women who tried the same thing? They were laughed at, scorned and treated like whores. Just because they had had one, drunken, one-night stand, every bloke who knew them felt they were slags and it was their God-Given right to have them shag them as well. And occasionally people would buy them beers.

I've never figured out that kind of morality.

Any lady who granted me her favours I was always grateful to. Even the ugly ones (who I might add often turned out to be fantastic bed partners).

So ladies with loose clothing and looser standards, I salute you.

(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 10:48, 13 replies)
Dont think this one's bindun
which is pretty amazing, really...

Personally, I prefer my lady partners to have - how can I put this - had alot of miles on the clock.

Its great to get between the sheets with someone who knows what they're doing... I really don't like having my cock chewed on inexpertly like its a salami. Hurts like fuck...
(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 10:50, closed)
100% agree on that.
I had a very, VERY unlucky streak of virgins (5, for FUCK'S SAKE, and all long-term) who were as skilled as a wooden beam in bed.
and all the inhibitions, oh god
virgins are just pathetic
(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 12:04, closed)
A lot of miles on the cock?

(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 23:28, closed)
Why thank you : )
It's nice to be appreciated.
(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 10:51, closed)
often happen - but I just LOL'd.

(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 11:00, closed)
Just like
when my mates cheat on their girlfriends it's no big deal and they're "just being a bit of a lad!"

When my brother's girlfriend cheated on him she was "a fucking whore"
(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 10:57, closed)

Pretty much the only thing that I get angry about is infidelity.

I've done it twice. Both times I ended it with my GF the next day - without telling them the real reason.

The real reason was guilt. I can't handle guilt.

Last time was more than 20 years ago.

Now? - I could give loyalty lessons to Lassie.

(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 11:05, closed)
I've never cheated
Mainly because my Dad did it to my Mom and ran off to Australia and I couldn't do to someone else what he did to her!

Here, you're not my Dad are you?
(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 11:41, closed)
Oh aye
You don't even have to have 'loose' standards. This goes so far as admitting you enjoy sex, talking about sex as a positive thing or being easily persueded towards the bedroom (or where ever) once you fancy someone.

The details don't seem to matter, it's just a perception that it's natural for men to do anything to get a bit and women are the ones you have to trick into it, so it apparently breaks the rulebook for the woman to be 'up for it', regardless of context.
(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 12:07, closed)
So many truths...
Virgins are and always will be crap. I hate to say it but I probably was too, back when two pumps and a squirt was an aspiration not an embarrassment.

It's ( sort of) like the whore bars of Thailand (though not Amsterdam), the uglier the face the better the tricks...
(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 13:36, closed)
Some people are seriously out of date
Nowadays a woman who sleeps around is liberated but a man who sleeps around is a manipulative bastard.
(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 14:51, closed)
There are a myriad of reasons why women sleep around.
The only good reason is if it's because you're a horny little fucker.
(, Mon 23 Feb 2009, 15:04, closed)
I've never been to bed with an ugly woman........
.....woken up next to a few though...
(, Tue 24 Feb 2009, 21:02, closed)

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