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This is a question Letters they'll never read

"Apologies, anger, declarations of love, things you want to say to people, but can't or didn't get the chance to." Suggestion via reducedfatLOLcat.

(, Thu 4 Mar 2010, 13:56)
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To all those people that tell me "You will meet someone"
"Theres somebody out there for everyone." "The right girl is just around the corner for you." "You're a great guy!"

Three words, NO, I, WONT!

Honestly what is it with people? Just because they're able to hook up with girls in clubs or get somewhere with online dating, doesn't mean everyone has that ability.

The fact I wont letch on girls in bars, stalk them and generally be abusive, inappropriate and disrepectful towards them, I'm not an interesting person!

As I'm not violent, aggressive, and controlling. I'm not seen as a bad boy. Especially as I'm not an alcoholic, a drug user or a criminal. I'm some what different, because I won't shag their best mates, their mum, or prostitutes behind their back.

Because I treat a girl properly, spoil her, look after her and give her all my love, she can't go crying to her mates because she has a bad boyfriend and misses out on all that drama, sympathy and attention.

This all makes me BORING!!

But, I'm not changing for anyone, and as girls actually like the above, then NO, I wont meet anyone.

Yours sincerely,

Single and loving it!*

(, Tue 9 Mar 2010, 19:36, 21 replies)
You could try batting for the other team.
Also: going by your username, are you from Middleton in south Leeds?
(, Tue 9 Mar 2010, 19:51, closed)
strictly butterside up :)
And nah, miggy is a nickname for Amiga as in the old computer system :D It comes from them days. Used this nick for decades!
(, Tue 9 Mar 2010, 19:56, closed)
is about 2 miles up the road from me and it is an absolute shit hole.
(, Wed 10 Mar 2010, 0:34, closed)
Get over yourself
Basically you're saying every guy who has a girlfriend must treat them badly. Otherwise, how else would they keep them? You do everything perfectly, right, and you still can't get a girl, so therefore all girls must like guys who treat them like shit. Or, y'know, there's something about you that turns them off and you just haven't figured it out yet. You are also, inadvertently, devaluing every female on the planet into a bitch because she doesn't like YOU.

(, Tue 9 Mar 2010, 20:16, closed)
But which of these two wildly contrasting viewpoints will prevail?
There's only one way to find out - FIIIIIIIIIIGHT!
(, Tue 9 Mar 2010, 21:28, closed)
Well, cypherspace is obviously right here.
On the other hand most 'nice guys' have to go through this mistaken phase at some point, and most get over it.
So I wouldn't judge him too harshly. Unless he's over the age of, say, 30.
(, Wed 10 Mar 2010, 7:08, closed)
Just spent 5mins trying to remember that site, and then when I hit reply you've beaten me to it!

Read and learn, it speaks the truth.
(, Tue 9 Mar 2010, 21:57, closed)
Ha ha ha.
Perfect link!
(, Wed 10 Mar 2010, 2:49, closed)
You sound lovely.
Stick to your guns fella. There are plenty of girls (including me) who like a 'boring guy'. I can't understand the appeal of the bad boy. If it helps it sometimes seems like all men want a blonde, vacuous stick for a girlfriend.
(, Tue 9 Mar 2010, 21:20, closed)
You missed out young.
I truly think that some of us are just destined to be alone. *shrugs*

Aren't they Woodside?
(, Tue 9 Mar 2010, 21:27, closed)
I would agree, but there's no such thing as destiny.

(, Tue 9 Mar 2010, 21:35, closed)
Don't worry
you'll meet someone
(, Tue 9 Mar 2010, 21:31, closed)
If it helps
Give it a few years and they'll be sniffing you out when they dump the latest psycho loser who shagged their sister up the arse. In the marital bed

You then have plenty of choice
(, Wed 10 Mar 2010, 0:39, closed)
actually im looking forward to my late 30s devorced MILF time :D
(, Wed 10 Mar 2010, 7:49, closed)
Not to be too harsh but the whole 'nice guys finish last' thing which is implied in your answer is a myth.
Girls say 'you're just too nice' as sort of a kind, gentle rejection.

It may not be that other men are more aggressive, disrespectful and skilled in the ways of stalking... it just may be something about you. Do you smell? Are you a chubbster? Do you make girls feel awkward in your presence with your lack of confidence and your sweaty hands? Do you spend your evenings playing WOW and crying into the semen encrusted tissues that litter your desk?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then please, don't chauvinistically blame women for your misfortune. It may not be their bad judgement, but yours.
(, Wed 10 Mar 2010, 1:34, closed)
from your answer to another post
'Women are users. We can screw a girl for half an hour, but in the end they can screw us for life'

I can only conclude that that is not a 'nice guy' statement. Expecting a return for niceness rather than simply being nice as a characteristic, is also not 'nice guy' behaviour. I don't know a single woman- not a single one who would choose a 'violent, aggressive, and controlling' partner simply for the chance to moan about him to her friends, and if you really think most women would, that might explain your single status as it indicates your contempt for women in general
(, Wed 10 Mar 2010, 4:08, closed)
hear hear

(, Wed 10 Mar 2010, 15:29, closed)
If people are saying these things to you,
I assume you are yet another person whining on to their mates about being single, and how having a girlfriend would sort out your miserable boring life.

It won't.

Relationships don't make you happy. A well balanced work and social life, with a relationship- if you really want one, personally they are not for me- does make you happy.

All these people whining on and on 'I haven't got a boyfriend/girlfriend' are pathetic. The reason you don't is you life is so crap you feel you need one, and no one wants to go out with a boring wingeing twat.

Get your house in order.
(, Wed 10 Mar 2010, 4:26, closed)
I love a good debate
Cheers guys :D

I liked the article linked. But that makes out that nice guys are desperate and insecure. Not always. I've turned down a couple of girls that have come to me because I didn't like them :)
(, Wed 10 Mar 2010, 7:48, closed)
Further to Cypher's link:
(, Wed 10 Mar 2010, 8:03, closed)
carpe diem
Just Do It. Get the courage and ask someone out. If it does not work, do it again.
(, Wed 10 Mar 2010, 13:04, closed)

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