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This is a question Lurid Work Stories

"I know a railwayman of 40-odd years' service," says Juan Quar, "and he tells me a new gruesome yarn each time we meet. Last week's was of checking the time on the wristwatch of a severed arm he'd just collected after a track fatality."

Tell us the horrible stories you tease the new hires with, or that you've been told.
NB By definition, these are probably all made up. Roll with it

(, Thu 5 Sep 2013, 17:33)
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Steel Mill
This is true - I was on site when it happened.

I worked at British Steel Stainless in the 80's (yes I'm that old!) and our melting shop was called SMACC (stainless melting and continuous casting).

The basic melt is made in a mahoosive cupola that held in the region of 80 tonnes of scrap metal that is melted by an equally mahoosive electric arc and it gets very hot, very quickly.

It was winter and the scrap was kept outside. Part of said scrap was a fridge with the door open and it filled up with snow.

It was soon discovered that if you place a fridge (with the door now shut) filled with snow and heat it with a fucking great spark of electricity that it will fly sideways through the wall of the cupola and straight through the Shift Managers office. Poor bugger was sitting there having a cup of tea when it came through one wall and out the other. I think he lost the gift of speech for a while.
(, Fri 6 Sep 2013, 12:52, 7 replies)
These days they have self defrost.

(, Fri 6 Sep 2013, 13:33, closed)
On a side note
If you hide in a fridge, you'll be completely protected from the effects of a nuclear explosion.
(, Fri 6 Sep 2013, 13:40, closed)
You will, however,
be complicit in 122 mins of utter tripe.

Personally, i'd rather be obliterated by said nuclear explosion!
(, Fri 6 Sep 2013, 14:14, closed)
Death from radiation poisoning is arguably more pleasant than having twenty years' expectations, fuelled by sweet 80s hero-nostalgia, crushed and suffocated under 122 minutes of total, unashamed bollocks.
(, Fri 6 Sep 2013, 14:27, closed)
I watched that on DVD
I want the 2 hours of my life back....

have a click for the story though
(, Fri 6 Sep 2013, 15:02, closed)
I switched off after the 'gunpowder is magnetic' bollocks
I hear the rest is shite too.
(, Fri 6 Sep 2013, 15:42, closed)
Good thing nothing unrealistic happened in the preceding films.

(, Fri 6 Sep 2013, 16:55, closed)

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