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This is a question Old stuff I still know

Our Ginger Fuhrer says that he could still code up a simple game idea in Amstrad Basic, while I'm your man if you ever need to rebuild the suspension on an Austin Allegro (1750 Equipe version). This stuff doesn't leave your mind - tell us about obsolete talents you still have.

(, Thu 30 Jun 2011, 17:04)
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I can take apart a deer of any size.
From being alive to lying in all its muscle groups, bones,skin,insides, etc on the table.
The joys of being a slaughterman/boner for 11 years.

Roll on the zombie apocalypse.

Edit: This works for almost all four legged animals.
(, Wed 6 Jul 2011, 1:18, 21 replies)
(, Wed 6 Jul 2011, 6:57, closed)
lol you are a boner.

(, Wed 6 Jul 2011, 7:57, closed)
Aheheheheheheh. You said "boner".

(, Wed 6 Jul 2011, 8:40, closed)
I used to vista slaughter houses as part of a job I had
The "clearly a fucking nutter" ratio was very high
(, Wed 6 Jul 2011, 8:48, closed)
A lovely chap I went to school with worked in a slaughterhouse in the day
and was a bouncer at a properly grim fight nightclub in the evenings.

And then gave it all up to become a postman.

So next time you're considering giving your postman a bollocking for bending photographs or leaving things out in the rain ... check for his knuckle tattooes.
(, Wed 6 Jul 2011, 9:10, closed)
I worked with some of the scum of the earth. Complete funken nutters.
But in saying that i also made some life long friends.
(, Wed 6 Jul 2011, 9:34, closed)
... before hitting them on the head with a lump hammer and slitting their throats.

(, Wed 6 Jul 2011, 9:37, closed)
Having worked with a few ex sausage meat factory types
In one of my jobs, lets just say I'd never piss 'em off or turn me back on them unless someone else was in the room
(, Wed 6 Jul 2011, 11:37, closed)
Just out of curiosity,
why would you want to carefully take the deer apart and lay it out on the table?

I suppose it'd make a good practical joke in shared student accomodation.
(, Wed 6 Jul 2011, 8:49, closed)
So you get the best cuts of meat of the carcess.
Other wise it ends up all mincy looking
(, Wed 6 Jul 2011, 9:33, closed)
are you calling deers gay?

(, Wed 6 Jul 2011, 13:06, closed)
I did witness a deer on deer encounter once
but i never masterbated to it, nope not once...
(, Wed 6 Jul 2011, 13:22, closed)
What is a...
(, Wed 6 Jul 2011, 15:14, closed)
Could you do a human,
or is it a case of "four legs good, two legs bad"?
(, Wed 6 Jul 2011, 8:55, closed)
Or a spider?
It's the same as doing two deers.
(, Wed 6 Jul 2011, 9:02, closed)
this probably shouldn't have made me laugh quite as much as it did.

(, Wed 6 Jul 2011, 14:23, closed)
Which humans were you thinking of boning Scarpe.

(, Wed 6 Jul 2011, 9:12, closed)
Aheheheheheheh. You said "boning".

(, Wed 6 Jul 2011, 9:37, closed)
But I meant it in a gayboy bumming kinda way.
(, Wed 6 Jul 2011, 9:49, closed)
You've ruined everything, you horrible ruiner.

(, Wed 6 Jul 2011, 9:53, closed)
I would imagine the idea would be much the same.
Im way too squemish for that though. I cant even watch those ER shows on telly.
(, Wed 6 Jul 2011, 9:32, closed)

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