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What are you buying your loved ones this Christmas? We're looking for inspiration and reckon a big share-a-thon of ideas will help everyone buy better gifts this year.

BTW: If your family reads B3ta and you're worried about giving the game away then tell us what you bought last Christmas.

(, Thu 26 Nov 2009, 12:34)
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I've asked my girlfriend for this for christmas...


"At 79.9%, this is only for mixing, or as a 'float' to supercharge cocktails, where it contributes a surprising array of flavours as well as the extra alcohol. Don't drink it neat. Please."
(, Fri 27 Nov 2009, 10:30, 10 replies)
Tch! What do they know?
*opens bottle*
*passes out*
Merry christmas to all, and to all a good night...
(, Fri 27 Nov 2009, 10:41, closed)
I've taken a sip of 80% Absynth before
It feels like you have heart burn down your entire esophagus and into your stomach. Can't be doing your insides any good.
(, Fri 27 Nov 2009, 10:50, closed)
We clean and sterilise our lab benches with 70% ethanol.
That stuff's akin to paint stripper.
(, Fri 27 Nov 2009, 10:58, closed)
yeah that is deadly, I still have fond memories of me an the ladyfriend lying on her bed vomiting noisily into a carrier bag over 5 years ago - haven't touched it since !
(, Fri 27 Nov 2009, 11:26, closed)
Stroh 80
The best way forward.
(, Fri 27 Nov 2009, 11:51, closed)

(, Fri 27 Nov 2009, 12:20, closed)

(, Fri 27 Nov 2009, 17:53, closed)
I see your 79.9% and raise you 88%: Balkan - Vodka 176
What you want is some of this!

I'm really tempted to get some, along with a bottle of Chase Distillery Potato Vodka (which I tried a month or so back and was amazing, never had a straight vodka before that truly was pleasant to drink neat and had no burning or horrible after-taste at all!)

But to get both will cost me £75+ and I can't seem to justify that sort of money on falling down water.
(, Fri 27 Nov 2009, 12:18, closed)
Also has that little tag that says "Don't drink it neat!". Poppycock, says I, and drinks it neat.

I couldn't taste things for weeks. But, heyho, we did make some bastardo cocktails out of them (the Absinthe Martini - take 2 parts Balkan, 1 part Tanquery No. Ten gin and a drizzle of overproof Absinthe from the wrong side of Moscow. Mix, and sip) and learned that we were hardened drinkers.
(, Mon 30 Nov 2009, 0:31, closed)
Sounds like a challenge.

(, Sat 28 Nov 2009, 0:29, closed)

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