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This is a question Money-saving tips

I'm broke, you're broke, we're all broke. Even the smug guy on the balcony with the croissant hasn't got two AmEx gold cards to rub together these days. Tell everybody your schemes to save cash.

(, Thu 10 Nov 2011, 18:09)
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Save money on fuel by simply using public transport you seflish cunts.

(, Tue 15 Nov 2011, 13:17, 16 replies)
I'm not seflish
but as I live in Wiltshire the buses are simply shit.
(, Tue 15 Nov 2011, 13:20, closed)

It costs me more to get the train to work than it does to drive.
(, Tue 15 Nov 2011, 13:26, closed)
true dat
Drive to train station (stupid non-linked transport system) lets say a tenner a week (it's a tenner in a cab door to door)

Parking £20 for the week

Train £50 for the week

Time 1 hour


50 miles round trip = 2x full tanks of petrol @ £20 so £40 all in. Plus I've polluted less, I'm sure of it.

Time = 1 hour plus it's door to door.

I am discounting insurance etc as I'd need that for the car to get me to the train station anyway.

(, Tue 15 Nov 2011, 15:06, closed)
It's your own fault.
Console yourself with a life of alcoholism and incest, resulting in inevitable suicide.
(, Tue 15 Nov 2011, 13:32, closed)
Well move then or get a job nearer home
you selfish fucker
(, Tue 15 Nov 2011, 14:16, closed)
I live 8 miles from work
and spend about £2 per day fuel going to and from work.
(, Tue 15 Nov 2011, 17:37, closed)
Mix with the PROLES???
*recoils in horror*
(, Tue 15 Nov 2011, 13:29, closed)
Good god of course not!
Go first class, you silly fool!
(, Tue 15 Nov 2011, 13:32, closed)

Fuel to get to work from where I live: 50p
Busfare to get to work from where I live: £2
Walking though: Free
(, Tue 15 Nov 2011, 14:04, closed)

Haha, yes that old biscuit. I do take the train to work, but only because the hassle is slightly less than driving. The cost is the same.

Edit: 999? I think I have been trolled.
(, Tue 15 Nov 2011, 14:08, closed)
But people on buses smell

(, Tue 15 Nov 2011, 14:09, closed)
Well take a shower and consider using some deoderant
so it doesn't upset them
(, Tue 15 Nov 2011, 14:17, closed)
I find that cycling's better.
It's free, good exercise and everyone else in the office keeps their distance all day because of my sweaty stench.
Oh, and I get to be all self-righteous and the only one that's in the right on the roads, too.
(, Tue 15 Nov 2011, 14:13, closed)
They have messages on the back of the busses in Sheffield. Little stories, in fact, that all end on the same line. "X is on this bus. Why aren't you?"
Things like "Shania is talking to her friend, and they're browsing a magazine together, laughing over Britney's latest foibles. They don't need to worry about traffic. Shania is on this bus. Why aren't you?"

I want them to have a competition to write one. This is what I will send them.

"Universalpsykopath is trying desperately not to catch the eye of the mentalist in the front row who's screaming abuse at the traffic lights for not changing fast enough. He's also trying to ignore the hooded youths in the back who are playing hip-hop as loud as their phones will go. Universalpsykopath isn't saying anything. He's sat right in the sweet spot between these twin dooms, and wishes he had bedsheets to cover his head with. Everyone knows you're invisible when you're under the bedsheets. Universalpsykopath is on this bus. He really, really wishes he could afford a car. The environment can take on more for the team, can't it?"
(, Tue 15 Nov 2011, 15:32, closed)
As south Bradford and the Spen Valley were severely Beeching Axed, there's no way to get in apart from the roads.
And since Bradford's main roads are completely inadequate for the volume of traffic on them, you WILL be sitting in jams for several hours a day unless you work shifts. Frankly I'd rather pay £16 a week and let someone else do the driving.

Also I'm nowhere near fit enough to cycle up several miles of 1-in-4 hills every morning.
(, Tue 15 Nov 2011, 19:07, closed)

These days i live in Bristol a "First" bus to town is £2.50 each way. £5 x 5 means its cheaper for me to go to work on a small motorbike.
I dont have to wait for buses either and i get free parking at work. I can also insure and tax my bike cheaper than using the bus all year round.
(, Thu 17 Nov 2011, 9:33, closed)

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