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This is a question School Assemblies

Our school assemblies were often presided over by the local vicar, who once warned us of the dreadful dangers of mixing with "Rods and Mockers". One of the cool teachers laughed. Tell us about mad headteachers and assemblies gone wrong.

Inspired by the mighty @Rhodri on Twitter

(, Thu 13 Jun 2013, 12:43)
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Assembling my shed was tricky.

(, Thu 13 Jun 2013, 13:11, 16 replies)
couldn't reach the roof without a ladder eh?

(, Thu 13 Jun 2013, 13:15, closed)
Keeping children of school age in a shed
does not make it a school.
(, Thu 13 Jun 2013, 13:16, closed)
Do you always get rappers to do your donkey work?

(, Thu 13 Jun 2013, 13:23, closed)
I get this

(, Thu 13 Jun 2013, 13:27, closed)
I, too, get this.

(, Thu 13 Jun 2013, 13:58, closed)
He does, you know.
Last week Kool Moe Dee fixed his bog as well.
(, Thu 13 Jun 2013, 16:05, closed)
Oddly enough I ordered one yesterday.
I'm looking forward to ignoring the instructions.
(, Thu 13 Jun 2013, 13:26, closed)
Make sure you've got a decent cordless.

(, Thu 13 Jun 2013, 13:31, closed)
...and a horse, I'm a cowboy shed assembler.
(got an AEG Lithium job, it's a cracker)
(, Thu 13 Jun 2013, 13:32, closed)
18v De Walt.

(, Thu 13 Jun 2013, 13:34, closed)

(, Thu 13 Jun 2013, 17:09, closed)
I need to re-roof my shed
It is quite big (4m x 5m) and I was thinking of felt shingles.

Anyone got any suggestions? Also, is it easy to clamber round on the roof when doing it or should I be using a propoer roof ladder?

I realise this is the equivalent of dropping my trousers, bending over and waiting to see what happens but you never know, i might just like it.
(, Thu 13 Jun 2013, 15:21, closed)
see e.g.
(, Thu 13 Jun 2013, 16:00, closed)
Instead of replacing the roof
Build a larger shed over it.
(, Thu 13 Jun 2013, 16:53, closed)
Or a smaller shed inside it.

(, Thu 13 Jun 2013, 17:00, closed)
A bit large for climbing on I'd say..
I'd use a roof ladder, or tie securely a short piece of 4x2 (2x4 if Mercan) across the top of a section of ordinary ladder. A few thicknesses of gaffa tape around the top rung will be fine. For additional safety you could temporarily jam lengths of 4x2 or similar between the centre of the floor and the apex of the shed as you work along. Put a wooden pad on the floor under the brace to spread the load in case the floor has weakened. If the old felt has been leaking test the roof for strength using something heavy but disposable, you didn't say if you were married, before climbing up.
Please sign disclaimer.
(, Thu 13 Jun 2013, 17:22, closed)

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